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  1. Mine usually takes about 3 days so it'll probably take you maybe 4. Since your not that far I guess lol
  2. Laila*


    Hmm I'll probably sound stupid but I didn't think changing my diet would have a different affect on my face. But I'll try it...I guess. I haven't tried the Milk of Magnesia but the only oil controlling lotion I've ever tried was mac and it made dry spots more dry. I'm starting to think I have combination skin more than anything. I did try blotting papers but I dunno it's like it doesn't do anything and bam it comes back. It's weird. I have a bottle of ACV but I'm so scared to drink it. The s
  3. Have you tried like putting on Vaseline? I think that'll moisturize your lips pretty well.
  4. Well my face has been getting more oily than usual. Like I remember my skin was NEVER oily and I'm finding I'm dealing with more oil than usual. Like the most I had was my nose was oily and my dermatologist said I had normal skin. But then now my cheeks forehead chin nose are oily. So I'm thinking is there any cosmetic that is better for oily skin? Like is Mineral Makeup better for it or liquid for oily skin? I doubt it's liquid but hey it's good to ask. Also is there any moisturizer that hel
  5. I dunno if it'll help but I use Vaseline under my eyes. I don't believe it clogs pores or anything like that. But it really keeps it moisturized.
  6. I use EM also. It just gives me that good coverage that I need. But I dunno I'm starting to think I may be a little darker than the color I use...but I'm not sure. I use the color : Medium Beige Neutral What color should I use to make it a tiny bit darker?...the tan concealer works good and it seems to be a good color for me. Like when I use tan it matches my skin well. And I use the blush Nick Nack but I want a color that can give me that glow that you get from exercise or just like a color t
  7. Well everyone had MAC cosmetics...and I loved the colors so I decided to go to MAC stores to buy somethings. I bought Vanilla Pigment and the lady convinced me to get this Paint Pot Peintures (Bare Study). I didn't get around to reading the ingredients on the actual MAC boxes. But then I saw it had Bismuth Oxychloride. Does the eyeshadow have Bismuth Oxychloride too? Does anything else have it lol...cause I'm planning to go on a MAC spree. I don't get acne on my eyelids but I was planning on u
  8. I think I want colorstay now...
  9. I don't really know if this caused my acne to get worse...but when I was beginning to use it my cheeks & nose broke out in a whole bunch of pimples. I have never seen my acne get this bad in my life. But I was using the 3 in 1 hydrating acne treatment. I got off of it and kept using BP until the acne was gone. I'm still having trouble with my left cheek though. But maybe if I'm completely clear one day I'll go back to using it because I spent my money on it. But I agree it did make my face f
  10. You may possibly have been allergic to something in that mineral makeup. Everyday Minerals has Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, (may contain Ultramarines). (a lot less ingredients) so I suggest trying Everyday Minerals. A lot of people like it and it's pretty good. And they have a lot of colors that could match your skin tone.
  11. I defiantly second the "Nick Nack" blush. I don't have fair skin but it is a really subtle color :] And soft bronzer is good for fair to light complexions so try it out ;]