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  1. Accutane worked for me, but if it has failed you so many times then I don't know if you should do it again. I feel like Accutane is the only cure to acne. I really do. Severe anyway. I know that feeling of not being able to be around other people when you have acne. I used to get really hot and feel blocked in. I think that is because of Accutane, because I still feel that way. You're in my prayers buddy.
  2. I have been clear almost 5 months now. I rarely ever get a pimple. I look the same as the last set of pictures that I posted. Having clear skin has given me so much confidence. I am truely a whole different person. I am way more outgoing. I wanted to check back in, because most people don't after they are clear from acne. There is no point, right? Wrong. There is a point. I remember all those people that helped me during my course and I want to help others! I unfortunately did end up with a few
  3. My doctor said it was for the dry skin. Thank you!
  4. I would just like to let everyone know that my skin hasn't got worse since I ended my course. It looks even better than the pictures in Month 5! =) I will post pictures soon =)
  5. Good luck with starting school with clear skin! I think your skin looks nice )
  6. Nothing special. Just some soap and water! Thank you! Sure I'll check out your log
  7. It was very severe. Pictures do not show that well. I had it all over my back and chest and face. Yes, the doctor had given me face prescriptions before I took both courses. Those don't work worth a crap.
  8. Thank you so much! Sadly, I had many bad breakouts throughout the whole thing. =/ It really sucks, but I just want to prove to everyone that it works Good luck with your course!!!!!!!!
  9. 17/Male. This makes my SECOND time taking Accutane. I took 40mg daily + vitamin E last time & I am now doing the same. The doctor just moved me up to 80mg daily because I am now on my 5th month. The first time it cleared my skin from the time I went off of the pill to exactly 6 months later. This time it was a much worse initial breakout, but in the end it has paid off. LOOK AT MY PICTURES AT THE BEG. AND THEN AT MONTH FIVE. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT IT IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE WHEN I'M FINISHED
  10. I burned slightly after the 2nd time. I have now tanned four times & things are looking great! I have gotton MUCH darker! I'm still taking accutane. I'm on month 3. I'll post pictures asap!
  11. I have tanned three times. My back/stomach are completely clear! They look amazing... My face is almost completely clear as well... I just started month 3 today!
  12. I'm on my second time taking accutane right now. I noticed after my first that I flush ALL the time. I get hot flashes too... it's weird =/ Good luck with everything!
  13. Good luck! It's hard, but worth it! =)
  14. Good luck with your second course! It's tough, but the time is flying by. I will start Month 3 tomorrow! I didn't have to re-register or anything. They just wrote me my prescription. It was very simple & easy! So I decided to tan today. I know a lot of people are going to tell me how stupid I am. I am just really white & it sucks having to be self-conscious in front of people. I am only going to do it until I get a little more color... this isn't going to be like a 5 day per week