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  1. I haven't updated for a while. My skin is looking better- I don't have any active breakouts right now. A few days ago I got a very large whitehead on my right cheek, and I picked at it, and now there is a very large red mark. But other than that my skin looks pretty good.
  2. Well the small red bumps I had a few days ago went away. They started going away the next day, and are totally gone today. Actually I shouldn't say they're totally gone- I still have two on my left cheek- but other than that my skin looks a lot better. I have no active breakouts, other than those two red bumps on my left cheek. It seems like my red marks are even starting to go away a lot faster now.
  3. My skin looks horrible today. I have little red bumps all over both cheeks. Some of them are really tiny little whiteheads, while others are just tiny red bumps. Maybe this is my initial breakout from the RAM? They're all very tiny- much smaller than my normal breakouts, and they started yesterday, but are much worse today. I only have one new "normal" breakout, and it's right on my left jawline.
  4. Two new breakouts- one on my left cheekbone and one on the left side of my chin. No dryness or peeling, and there's no more redness in my cheeks. My face gets a little pinkish right after I apply the RAM at night, but it goes away after a little while.
  5. I haven't given an update for about 3 days now, but my skin is starting to look a lot better. I currently have no active breakouts. I have 2 scabs on my chin from picking at breakouts, but they're healing really well. I had a little peeling on my chin yesterday and today, but no other dryness or irritation. My lips have been really dry, and I've noticed that if I get the RAM too close to my mouth, I get very dry patches along my lipline- so I've been more careful about applying it on my chin and
  6. No new breakouts today. Last night I broke down and picked at the breakout on my right cheek. Today it looks like it's finally starting to go away, and it really isn't very red at all. The breakout on my chin is also starting to go away, but is still pretty red. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing- RAM at night with moisturizer and aloe after, and 10% mandelic during the day. My skin seems to be tolerating it very well. I have a bit of redness in my cheeks, but that's it. On the RAM w
  7. I still have the breakout on my right cheek- I didn't pick at it at all, but it's taking forever to go away- it's not getting any smaller at all. Yesterday I got a new breakout on the right side of my chin- I did pick at that one. I used 10% mandelic yesterday, and RAM last night. Still no irritation. I'll use 10% mandelic and RAM again today.
  8. I still have the breakout on my right cheek that I woke up with yesterday- it's a little bigger now, and kinda red, but I'm really trying not to pick at it. I used RAM again last night with no moisturizer underneath. My chin is peeling a little bit, but that's it- no dryness or irritation. I'll use 10% mandelic when I get back from the gym. I have to work tonight, so I'm still going to use the Monistat as a primer. I don't think that's what made me break out last week, but I'll try it tonight an
  9. I used RAM again last night with no moisturizer underneath- so that's 2 days in a row now. I woke up this morning with a new breakout on my right cheek, but that's the only one. I don't know what caused that bad breakout last week, but my skin seems to be going back to normal now. I used 10% mandelic yesterday, and I'll use it again today when I get back from the gym. So far the RAM and mandelic seem to be working well together. I was worried that I would get too much irritation, but there seem
  10. Saturday when I got home from work, I just washed off my makeup and applied moisturizer and aloe. I took the night off from RAM. Yesterday I didn't use any mandelic, and I used RAM last night with no moisturizer underneath- just after. No redness or dryness today, and so far no peeling.
  11. Ok I just washed my face with a face wipe, and I am peeling on my chin and around my mouth. I didn't think I was peeling until I washed my face. After I washed my face, I ate a bowl of cereal, and when I went back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror I was peeling.
  12. I just started taking CLA a little over a week ago, and I'm breaking out pretty badly right now, after being almost clear. I also just started RAM last week, so I could be breaking out from that two- I'm not sure. I don't know anything about saw palmetto, but I have also heard that CLA can make some people break out. I'm really disappointed about that because I'm starting to see great results already. I'm going to keep going with it to see if maybe it's just an initial breakout from the RAM.
  13. My skin really doesn't look good today. It hasn't looked this bad in a long time. I have little red bumps on both of my cheeks- like tiny little pimples, and I'm starting to get two breakouts that are a little bit deeper- one on my left cheek, and one on my right cheek, almost by my chin. I wish I knew if it was the RAM breaking me out, or the supplement I'm taking. I used RAM again last night, so that's 4 days in a row now, and 6 days total. I'm still using moisturizer before and after, and I'