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  1. I dunno how much that would affect your acne, but the daily recommended intake is 0.15 mg. You probably get more iodine from your diet than your multivitamins (ie iodized salt, milk, eggs, certain seafoods, etc, etc)
  2. When I first started using the regimen I would use about 2 pumps during the day and at night and that usually kept me free of acne. Later I realized that I really don't need that much to have clear skin, so I've cut back to only 1 pump at night and topical SA gel in the day and still kept clear skin.
  3. Wow that's pretty intense. When my skin gets itchy I usually just put a punch of aloe vera on. But then again, I've never had an experience anywhere near as bad as yours so maybe that won't be enough in your case haha.
  4. I usually just do it when I get back and its never posed an issue for me. I dont think it's that big of a deal to break your routine once in awhile.
  5. I usually use a topical SA during the day and BP at night. There have been some nights where I've used both at the same time and it does it make it anymore dry or irritated. But I've been using Dan's BP for over 2 years now so maybe my face has just been accustomed to it?
  6. Maybe this is just me, but when I feel a pimple coming on, BP seems to exacerbate it for me. I usually use a BHA and/or AHA.
  7. I usually just put a tiny little dab after I pop a pimple. It reduces the scarring a little.
  8. I kinda did the same thing. With the first few months of the regimen I used about a full fingers worth of Dan's BP day and night. Overtime I realized I didn't really need that much and now I only use half a fingers worth at night.
  9. It shouldn't clog your pores, but everyone's face will react differently. I mix about 3-4 drops of it with a dime sized amount of Fruit of the Earth aloe vera. Makes for a cheap moisturizer and softens pretty well too. I usually use it at night though cuz it makes my face pretty oily.
  10. I'm kind of curious as well, or more specifically, the cleanser. Anyone know how well triclosan works on acne as opposed to just using a gentle cleanser? As for the BP, it seems a bit pricey. I'd rather just use Dan's.
  11. You gotta give it at least a month, you're not gonna see any permanent improvement in 5 days. And make sure you follow Dan's regimen precisely.
  12. I don't know if you've tried Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblock, but the SPF 30 one goes on pretty matte and I have pretty oily skin as well. Right now I'm using the SPF 45 and it's a little more oily, but even then it's not that bad.
  13. Be patient . Some people may not see results for the first, or even the second month, but after that it's easy riding. And don't be afraid to ask questions here if you ever have any, because it can save you a lot of trouble. Good luck!
  14. I found that using Aloe Vera and jojoba oil makes my face moisturized, but my face will still feel tight from the BP.