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  1. Good for sensitive skin

    If you are new to benzoyl peroxide or have sensitive skin then this is probably the best choice when it comes to benzoyl peroxide. Some people's skin can't handle it at all but if your skin can take it then it works wonders and gets you clear quick. You can find it on ebay.
  2. The best there is

    This product is an absolute miracle worker and no other benzoyl peroxide really compares to it. The closest I have found is panoxyl aquagel but it was discontinued years ago. If you are looking to get it can be found on ebay.
  3. Benzac would most definitely help. You can find it on ebay in different strengths.
  4. Best benzoyl peroxide for acne

    I used panoxyl aquagel before it was discontinued in 2012 and searched for a product that could deliver the same results. After months of using different products I finally found this product from australia and have been using the 10% version ever since. Makes my skin feel clean and smooth while delivering the same results I got from panoxyl. If your skin can handle benzoyl peroxide then you must check this product out. It comes in strengths of 2.5%, 5% and 10% and can be found on ebay.
  5. I guess that makes some sense. I have really oily skin so b5 helps with the sebum production.
  6. I found this topic and wanted to share my story with b5. Back when I first joined this forum I saw people talking about b5 and thought I would give it a shot. I took about 5 grams a day for a few months until I saw some clearing and 12 years later I am still using it but in much smaller doses. I currently pop a couple 500mg pills every few days for maintenance. For me b5 was not a cure but it helped tremendously in reducing breakouts and acne on my face. When used in conjunction with a proper re
  7. When I read about this product it does not mention salicylic acid but regardless you need a product that will attack the acne bacteria. Have you tried benzoyl peroxide?
  8. Have you tried using a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide medication for your skin? Looks like you are exfoliating and cleansing it well but you need some medication to work on the acne afterwards.
  9. Sorry but I couldn't help but chuckle at your screen name. Benzoyl peroxide does tend to dry out the skin and make it feel tight. I personally like the the dryness because my skin is very oily so never need to put on moisturizer. Glad you found something that works.
  10. Have you seen a dermatologist about them? They would be the ones who can best tell you what it is.
  11. Been using Benzac 10 acne gel for three years now and can't see myself stopping anytime soon. Works incredibly well at keeping acne away.

  12. Benzac 10% acne gel works incredible for me but may be too harsh on your skin it seems. Have you tried 2.5% bp?
  13. I suggested trying out benzoyl peroxide in your other post. I also get little whiteheads all over my forehead and they are annoying. Benzoyl peroxide is the only thing that works for me.
  14. Have you tried benzoyl peroxide? I also have very oily skin and what I do for my regimen is wash my face at night with a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash and then apply benzac 10% benzoyl peroxide gel on my face and neck. This type of regimen would be much too harsh for most people but it is the only way too keep my skin clear.
  15. I have read many articles online that say 2.5% benzoyl peroxide is just as effective as 10% without the harsh side effects. Does anyone agree with this? I have tried 5% benzoyl peroxide and it was almost as if I put nothing on my face. The 10% concentration is the only one that works well for me and keeps my skin from getting too oily.