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  1. I know you need the organic kind like Bragg's, but where do you buy it at? Is it only available at health food stores or will places like Wal-Mart carry it?
  2. Has ANYONE had any success from using the lemon juice that comes in a bottle? If that hasn't worked, do fresh lemons really work? If so, how long till you saw results?
  3. How many people have seen results from using it? Or, what are your experiences with it, and how long did it take(if it did) to work?
  4. Then how would it sound if I mixed baking powder & lemon juice and applied that?
  5. Okay, I started washing my face with baking soda I heard you have to balance your PH, so afterwards I put on a mixture of ACV, honey, and lemon juice. Is this too much, and if so, what do you recommend?
  6. I just used it once, and I can already feel it working Only problem is, it's turned some acne red, and some are open ???
  7. Ok, I started using ACV last night, but it's not the organic kind Has ANYONE had any success using non-organic vinegar?
  8. So I was just wondering..I starting drinking ACV last night, and I've decided to drink 2 tablespoons 3 times a day..I also apply it topically twice a day What I'm wondering is, how long does it take to start to work? Is there like an average?
  9. Do you HAVE to use the organic kind? I'm not sure when I can get some..but can regular help as well? Please answer!
  10. I just started using this tonight, but I don't have the organic kind right now, and don't know when I'll be able to get it Should I keep using it to see if it works? Has anyone had any success using non-organic brands?