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  1. Hey all. I remember posting here ages ago when my acne started dying out. I'm still having the problem since my acne finally died out: red spots and flakiness! My skin is dry and rough, and flakes easily. I'm sure the dry climate is not helping at all. Right now, I'm not using any products. Just wash my face in the morning in the shower, and that's it. So what products do I use to get rid of the red spots and the flakiness? I know I should use a toner for the red spots, and moisturizer for the
  2. Hey y'all. First time making a topic haha Well, my acne's pretty much clearing up. I think that hormonal stage is finally passing (I'm 16) so thank GOD haha. I haven't had a pimple in weeks, so my skin's improving a lot. Now the problem is the red marks... I've been using aloe vera gel and the baby brush method, which are effective but making my skin very dry and flaky. So I've been looking for moisturizers, which I never used before because I was scared it'd make me break out again. From th
  3. Hey y'all. This method looks awesome, and I'm on the verge of trying it out, but I've got some few questions before that. 1) I'm not really breaking out, I just have a lot of red marks from past acne, so is this going to help with that? 2) Is using a cleanser with the baby brush necessary? 3) I'm using Aloe Vera Gel with Tree Oil Extract at night and that makes me flaky, I believe, since I never had flaky skin before. Should I use the Gel after I exfoliate with the baby brush, or will it just
  4. Hey guys, newbie here Hoping for great skin! I've read the thread and I've never heard of lemon being used before, but with the success stories, I'm really tempted to try this out. But I have a few questions. Will the lemons help me with my acne? The acne is not that bad, I'd describe it as mild and none are full blown out, just little bumps. And will it help with the red marks/scars left by acne? (I don't know if they're scars or red marks 8o) And I live somewhere where there's sun all day l