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  1. I started noticing improvement immediatly...I had mild acne with alot of congestion on my forehead all underneath, very small. I'd say it got 75% better by mth 3 and now I'm on mth 5 and I'm 100%, every once in awhile by menstral time I get maybe one, but thats it. I do use benzaclin, but very, very sparatic, if I feel there may be one popping up I'll but some on, but thats it!
  2. Tricyclen is best known for acne sufferers ... http://www.orthotricyclen.com/acne/acnehome.html Cheers I agree that Ortho Tri Cyclen is the BEST!! Got clear in just 3 months, but a huge difference in just 1. Sooooooo Happy Now!!
  3. Yes there is one in the area, but I have a fulltime job with ins. so I dont know if they will give me a break. I also see a OBGYN at just a $10 copay so its probably just worth the $33/month. What do you think?
  4. Just wondering what your experiences have been with Trinessa. I started Ortho Tri Cyclen 2 months ago and it has just done wonders with my skin. It looks amazing. My problem is it costs me $100 for three months, which isnt too crazy, but I can get Trinessa for $30 for three months. Is it worth switching to the generic or should I stick with the regular since my results have been unremarkable?
  5. I've only been on OTC for about 3 weeks, but man can I see a difference. I think it has helped a lot. My case was very minor so that could be why it cleared so fast.
  6. I just started taking OTC to help clear up my acne and before I was on OTC Lo. The OTC lo only cost me $20/mth, well the regular is costing me $33/mth. If I were to get the generic it would only be $30 for 3 months. I am wondering what everyones experiences have been with the two. Any help would be appreciated!!
  7. I was on Cyclessa for 3 years when I switched to Ortho Tricyclen Lo because of some breakouts. I used the Lo for 3 mths then decided to stop all together because I noticed it getting kinda worse. I went and saw a Naturopath that told me my liver was "congested" and that is why my body cant break down foods and extra hormones(so they would show up on my face) so she gave me a supplement to take to clear that problem up. I still have 3 weeks of taking that at a large dose. My face cleared a lot b
  8. what is ziana? I am soo new to all of this. My doc prescribed benzaclin and it works for me! Is it similar?
  9. HI, I was on Cyclessa(BCP) for 2 1/2 years then about 4 mths ago switched to regular Ortho Lo, no change with the acne. I started with small facial bumps on my forehead and then at the beginning of this year the bumps spread down to my cheeks. Everyweek was different, some my face got really bad others it looked decent. I went to my PCP and he prescribed my benzaclin so I've been using that for almost a week and it's really helped along with ProActiv Gentle formula. Anyways, heres what I wan
  10. Hi, my dr. prescribed me benzaclin and I have been using it for 5 days, once right before I go to bed for mild acne. (small closed comedos and very few whiteheads) So far I notice some difference, the small bumps are slowly diminishing. My hope is that I will be able to reduce the use to a couple of times a week after it clears. I am wondering: How long did it take you to notice a difference? What type of acne did you have? Will I be able to reduce the use of it after it clears, has anyone tr
  11. Of course you wont bleed for the rest of your life! Yes you may start your period but you should be fine. You don't have to finish out your pack but it might be better to wait until the end of your cycle so you are on track for next month. Regardless-going off BC will shift your cycle so be prepared. I left you a post explaining the different types of BCP in your thread "I went to my PCP, I need your help! Soooo confused!" I don't think you saw it and I think it may clear some things up for you.
  12. I was just prescribed benzaclin and I have very sensitive skin and so far it doesnt irritate me. I only use it right before I go to bed.
  13. Myself as well as my boyfriend both think that all of my problems with mild/moderate acne began slowly 3 years ago when I started taking the pill. 4 mths ago I switched from Cyclessa to Ortho-Lo and no changes at all, I think it got worse. I do not want to risk switching again, because I have a feeling that there is some ingredient in the pill that my body tolerated for so long, but then just stopped and thats whats causing the breakouts. Every week it's something different. My face is clear wh