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  1. I can only share what happens to me when I drink Coke or other brown liquid drinks. These conclusions are coming from someone in their 40s who has done self testing. My conclusions FOR ME, is that Coke and other brown liquids cause a break out, I DO break out cystic acne after drinking more than one Coke , coffee, or liquids that are brown . Sometimes I just crave a cola and then suffer for it later. Now there will be folks who says SCIENCE says it does not cause acne. But they h
  2. Gee come on guys--- this thread is all over the place. I read the first 14 pages and the last few and saw allot of uneducated self treatments. First off let me say I am trying Niacin now. PLEASE when you post : Identify the chemical type. ie I am taking 500 mg Nicotinic Acid. I got it in Walmart sold as SLO Niacin. (polygel slow release) Usher-Smith Laboratories It gets under my skin when people here are saying something like "I got the one with the flush in it." "FLUSH" is not added. it
  3. Too bad you had that reaction. One should always follow the package directions or have to suffer later by their own doing not the products. But what I think many need to be aware with say BP or this, is that addig more does not mean stronger strength. If you put on BP 10% in 10 layers you are not getting 100% BP on your spot. And most dermos will tell you that caking things on only risk that you block the pores I have some spots on my chin starting from me having an ice coffee (brown liquids
  4. I just bought it. I will give a a full shot. Right now the couple I had starting did not respond any quicker. I have concern about the tint in the product. There was a rumor and a Youtube clip of a vanishing formula. That one seemed to be found in Canada. I called NuMark Labs in Edison NJ. They stated they bought Adult Acnomel from Johnson and Johnson a few years ago. They said they have not changed the formula. They say the products as always been tinted. They said they are considering
  5. I tried Mandelic acid for a month with no results. Not any different. That is, I tried the stronger solutions 15% from Garden of Wisdom, NuCelle, and Mama Lotion. Actually I think it was a little longer than a month since I would go through each sample I bought. GoW was did not have any sting, Nucelle stung once in a while but Mama lotion would sting on freshly washed skin. In the beginning there was some break outs from the solutions, what people here call Purging but I actually think it ca
  6. I tried various Mandelic acid product over a month period and did not see any results/ NuCelle, Garden of Wisdom, Mama Lotion in their 15% range. I had some purging from it but by the 4th week and then stopping, no noticable change in pore size or black heads. I guess it works for some and not others. I suggest if trying Mandelic to order samples on ebay or on line since you do not want to waste it if it does not work
  7. Dairy and Sugar do not have this effect on me, coffee, decaf or not, soda sugar free and caffiene free, creates a break out in cystic form for me. I am ont saying caffeine is not a problem for some but I am pretty close to ruling it out since I have tested on other BROWN LIQUIDS and even WITHOUT SUGAR/ DAIRY/ Caffeine I still get a reaction. Sorry but I even cut out milk for months and still broke out. I have sugar in my tea in one form or an other and DO NOT see break outs. However go t
  8. I tell you, caffeine is not the trigger for me but coffee does make it worse, even straight black. Unless Caf. free diet coke really has caf, it is something else. Black tea does not cause it from what I can see. So I am thinking caramel color which is in the coffee from roasting or some change in acid level could be the reason but from all my tests, it does not seem to be caffeine related.
  9. As I said, in my personal study on my body, it is not cream, sugar or caffeine that is the issue since this will happen to me with black coffee as well as Caffeine FREE DIET Coke. So FOR ME it is something present in BOTH coffee and Cola drinks. That is why I said it seems to happen with DARK BROWN liquids. If I can keep breaking it down to the compound that people suggest, then I could really test. That is, is phosphoric acid in coffee? Is it just the acidity level of both coffee or soda th
  10. At great personal sacrifice I have just finished another test of brown liquids for the sake of personal science. For me, not only coffee creates a break out but Brown sodas as well (known for Coke products) The acne is cystic, usually a big deep one that goes nowhere for a while but hurts and then the skin gets raw, even if not provoked and then it will open up and then take a week or two to heal. I first started tracking this but always had some other influence that could also have been at
  11. I wondered the same thing. Until I read the UK study, I did not know if the red/blue mix would cancel out on or the other but it turns out that is what the study showed to be the best. My feeling is that you are getting less total radiation of each color since you are using half as many LEDs per color. No -the Enlux lamp does not toggle between colors. Looking at the original study, the combo of blue and red is more effective than just blue. In that study they did use both colors at the
  12. Yes I have used it and it seems to help. The first time I used it was after using the expensive Glaxo product with some success. I found Purple Emu and used theire acne version. At first if was very drying but after 2 weeks it seemed to be working. Then they came out with the AR lite which is the Redness and Blemsih control if I recall. It also seemed to work equally well but was not as strong. When I started using it I have blushing on the cheeks and a spot on the forehead. After using it