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  1. Hi Kairasa, I can't answer your specific question about if your regimen will work or not, but I can tell you from experience that trying all sorts of stuff together may not have a positive effect on your skin. Like you, I tried many mismatched items before, thinking that just because it was recommeneded somewhere or by someone, it would work. It took many years to understand I should stick to one brand, and a few more years to understand what I was doing wrong even though I would only use one
  2. This might sound like a dumb question coming from a total newbie, but what's the big deal about MAC cosmetics? I would specifically like to know about the eye colors, since I keep seeing people post videos on youtube using mostly MAC products. I mean, I'm sure it has something to do w/ the range of colors they have, but does it stay on longer, go on darker and smoother, etc.? Just curious... thinking about purchasing some. And what's with all the crazy brush numbers? Do you really need over 5 br
  3. Yeah, totally try the Aloe gel in your hair! It's pretty awesome how well it works without making your hair disgusting like gel. Plus it doesn't smell like anything. I bought some FOTE to use as a primer, but it didn't workout for me, then I read the bottle, and it said you can use it on your hair. That's so awesome! Got my family to use it too. Is there anything aloe can't do?
  4. Oh, sorry Jai and others! I found the fairly light neutral on the order section. I was looking at the Foundation color photo guide, and that was confusing me. Thank you anyway!
  5. Jai (sorry, I don't know how to reply to specific comments yet) Is it "fair neutral" or "light neutral" under the Buff section that once was Fairly light neutral? Can you respond, thanks! Siouxsie, I'm excited they are coming out w/ a pressed powder too! I tried Naked Minerals before (absolute total YUCK!) and thought that the pressed minerals were neat though. The thing about it is it's still pretty messy. Like, you would think it works like a regular pressed powder, but the case it was in was
  6. Umm, I just looked at the new site and noticed how they switched the colors around. I'm confused!!! I found my color match w/ my last sample kit, but can't tell which one it is now. I was a fairly light neutral before, but now when I look at the swatches, there is a "fairly light" and a "light neutral" and they look rather different. Does anyone know how I can decipher this issue? Another question I have is, how do you all "touch up" during the day? I'm guessing it's blot first, but what's next
  7. Oni, you made me want to cry when I read your comment! Thank you so much! I've had acne for so long that getting to this point where I can actually give advice to someone else is a huge deal for me. I hope when you get to this point too, you will do the same for others! Good swapping comments w/ you, and as always, Good luck! I'm rooting for your skin!
  8. I agree w/ the purging thing. I think I read somewhere on this site that it may even take over a month for the stuff to purge out. I know it's tough, but you just have to try to be patient. It really took me over 2 months, and a lot of experimentation to fully clear, but I just kept reminding myself that the stuff in my skin had "lived" there for a long time, so it had to be starved out and it wouldn't happen overnight. I hope you will try as hard as you can to stick to the regimen, and remember
  9. Yes, I think you should wait and stick to the regimen as closely as possible. The more you add things, the more time it will take for your skin to get used to whatever new thing it is you are trying to add. I was upset in the beginning because of flakiness, red/ irritated skin, and more breakouts and I rushed out to get all the highly recommended stuff on this site. I was even going to add more stuff (like that diaper rash cream thing everyone is talking about, but then remembered how long it to
  10. I had the same issue, I'm a stay at home mom and don't wear much makeup (but when I wore makeup everyday, boy did I over-do it!) so when I would occassionally wear it on the weekends, I would flip out because the liquid foundation I was using made my skin almost look scaly, w/ dry patches all over, and I didn't even know I had the dry skin until I would use the makeup! The baby brush worked pretty well for me, but it still didn't get everything off. I changed to Everyday minerals because of al
  11. Yes, I am clear now, and quite happy at that since I've had my acne since the 5th grade! I never really did much about it before, since I thought it was shallow to pay so much attention to imperfections; at the same time, I always thought I'd grow out of it, but I still haven't, only now, thanks to the regimen, I have never been happier with my skin! Only thing that sucks is the scarring, but I probably don't care about that as much as I should. Maybe someday... I wanted to check up since I kne
  12. Hi Oni, just wondering if you were still experiencing stinging from the moisturizer? Since I posted last, I have greatly cut back on my BP usage but use enough to stay clear (only 3-4 nights a week and only 3/4 of a finger) and now my face doesn't sting a bit. Just wanted to update. I also have no flakes or redness, but I am past 3 months into the regimen. I know your still pretty early into it, but I really would try cutting back once your clear (like I said before). A face that hurts sucks!
  13. I am notorious for being a sloppy sleeper. Yup, I do it all, I snore, breathe hard, drool, flip around, sometimes wake up and my mouth is wide open, etc. And now I have a new one to add to the list. When I first started the regimen, I think I was ultra careful w/ the way I had been sleeping, since I didn't want the BP to rub off on anything. I also didn't want to bleach anything, especially the sheets. Now that I know my sheets are immune to the BP (they don't bleach-yay!) and I always use white
  14. Hello everyone in this topic! I've already said it a bunch of times, and I'll probably say it a few more times, then just get bored of coming onto this board because I just keep saying the same thing. I'm into my third month and I am clear and happy, but when I started the regimen, weeks 4,5,and 6 were just the absolute pitts for me, as you all are going through now. So please keep up with the regimen! I'll be honest and say that some days, I don't even get around washing my face twice a day (I
  15. siouxsie... you are an absolute doll for your advice. I tried it today and it worked so well! I used just the bare minimum of lac hydrin, and just followed your steps and was so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The only thing I am in question of is if I really am using enough sunscreen. I know siouxsie, you think I am, but I just checked on their site, and nothing I am using says it has any UV protection. I am using fairly light neutral intensive and the finishing dust they sent me, whic