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  1. I wanted to post two pics-one with bad lighting and one with good lighting. Lately, things have been ok. My face is still scarred, but I'm trying to get over it. I try not to look but it's like the mirror is always calling, and I constantly want to take pics in different lighting to see if it's "that bad" (it is). Enjoy!
  2. I've been faithfully applying topical allantoin, and occasionally the gel from vitamin e capsule. Daily I've taken B12 (for other reasons) and Vitamin e orally for skin. I've increased my water consumption and havening been eating as much junk, but to no avail. I think the scars are getting worse. Some days, however, they don't look as bad as others and I don't know why. I think I will begin to keep a daily journal to chronical all of my habits and see if there's a pattern that I'm somehow not s
  3. Signorina822


    I wonder if it will work. Probably not. Why would it ? Today was a day that meant a little less than yesterday. Warning: graphic content ahead
  4. Signorina822


    Thank you. That was very nice to read...❤️
  5. I joined for this exact reason. I started spontaneously scarring last year and since about May/June got wayyyyy worse. It's ruining my life. I've seen two dermatologists but they basically say it has to come from somewhere and-my favorite- "Why don't you look into laser?" One gave me Retin-A which I'm certain made it worse. Now I have come to the conclusion that I need to see a regular doctor but my family doctor is no longer living in this country (not even kidding) and I have no idea whe
  6. Signorina822


    Depression, my scars consume me. They are getting worse. I've even o two different dermatologists who don't have answers. I'm scared to do anything else. why is this happening
  7. I think porefessional kinda sucks for the price. Same with smash box. Where do you buy W7?
  8. Signorina822

    I wish...

    I wish I was able to find my ancient acne.org profile. My problems then, at 14 years old, paled in comparison to what I'm currently dealing with at only 25. Random, ugly scarring on one side of my face only. It all started about a year ago but I brushed it off as one bad zit but to be quite honest I was in denial. Acne had not been a problem for years and I honestly could not recall having a zit where this new scar was forming...but I digress...and at that point in time, I let it go. This pa
  9. This is a great topic. I just rejoined after years of being acne free and now have been dealing with random indented scarring. Currently, I am using la Roche posay bb blur which I think "blurs" the scars best but it doesn't last as long as I'd like and def transfers which can be quite embarrassing especially in work situations. It does however look beautiful for about 5-6 hours with a setting powder and as I've stated it fills in my scars and pores the best. I will definitely look into other rec
  10. Hello all, I am new to this modern version of acne.org but was in fact a member in my early high school days back in '06. I have returned due to my new issue: random scarring. I eventually got over my acne by keeping it simple -gentle bar soap and mild moisturizer. My age may have contributed but either way acne has not been severe since about 2010. since bout 2012-3 I have used various creams lotions and potions since I worked at Sephora and had access to a ton of skincare. I used variou