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  1. Although I don't know what that has to do with Lipton: Sports and gluten- and sugar-free diet atm.
  2. I never argued that the brain can have an effect on the body (via placebo or otherwise). My point was that it can't change the genes, which is was Lipton said. But if everyone's point was just about that brain->body influence, I'm still wondering what draws you to Lipton. I'm sure there are many motivational speakers out there, who don't even try to explain their speech via quantum physics. What's so special about him?
  3. This has nothing to do with belief, this IS just about right or wrong. There is nothing more in our head than a brain, that's fact. Everyone who beliefs there's in a "soul" or some form of mystical singularity in there is wrong. Same of changing genes: impossible. It's that easy. It's called science. And it works. If you don't accept that, it's your personal choice. But I think this forum is a place to discuss REAL issues on a scientific basis. Otherwise we could turn rename this into "voodoo
  4. I have no bloody idea, that's why I'm here. But I hope you didn't seriously think it was just "bad thinking", which could be healed by praying oO. Well it actually might work due to the placebo effect, but that'll only work for a few believers
  5. It wasn't just the atom, don't forget the babble about newton, quantum physics, evolution, gene altering, EPR. In fact I don't think there's much more in his talk. In between was mostly noise. An effect on our genes in a sense of "could change the effects our genes have on our body" maybe, but as of today there is nothing known in science that can change the actual genes, i.e. the AGCT-sequence. That's fact. With Maxwell's electromagnetic theory at hand, radios were the logical conse
  6. Your body will change (adrenaline level etc.), but never will your genes (which he clearly stated) Why do you want to believe him so desperately? In the talk it was obvious that he has a major lack of understanding of virtually all scientific fundamentals his main points are built on. So why do you still try to find at least a bit of truth in the remains? What is it which makes this guy so appealing? It's the same thing which makes for example "traditional Chinese medicine" so attractiv
  7. The brain/soul question is somewhat like evolution: There is overwhelming evidence for it, and yet there are people doubting it - but willingly believing utter nonsense (creatonism, religion, whatever). Philosophy is dead, it's been replaced by science for quite some time. The so called philosophers in today's universities don't know what they're talking about. Just listen to them when they're talking about the "philosophical implications" of quantum mechanics. Very funny stuff And music is
  8. 1. There is no such thing as a mind. The thing closest to it is the brain, which obviously is connected to the body ... duh 2. Placebo effect works very well, nice thing you realize that these voodoo priests rely on it, and there is no "magic" involved And a so called scientist rejecting evolution is commonly referred to as a "crackpot" . I don't have the slightest idea what drives a phd to change over too voodoo stuff, but money might be a reason. There's nothing wrong in doing so, as long
  9. Well I'm studying physics, so I should at least have a faint idea about it, in contrast to that guru. Some of the entertaining points of the video: 7:45 part 1 rejecting evolution ... nuff said 4:00 part 2 the bs about newtonian and quantum physics is put together so weird that I don't know where to start. He basically tries to apply microscopic rules (smearing of atoms edges because of the uncertainty principle) to the macroscopic world ("you are connected to your environment"), wh
  10. What the frak is wrong with you guys. This man is a crackpot at best, and ridicules himself so often it was quite a funny watch. Within the first minutes, he is rejecting evolution (even naming creation explicitly later), the effect of genes, and talkes nonsense about newtonian physics. It gets even better in the second part, where he tries to link quantum mechanics to holism. Or the part with the atom (Bohr model, lol) where he puts a negative charged particle into the nucleus (!), and depicts
  11. Bah, that really makes me angry. How can he say pseudo scientific things like microwaves "destroy the natural harmony in water molecules" or "nuke" it, and still being taken seriously by anyone?!? Microwaves are no alchemy. Everyone can look up the science behind it and discover how it works. Anyone who wants a more elaborated response to that article should read this blog reaction (by a real scientist, and not a guru).