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  1. night time isn't really a concern, because you're sleeping and obviously no one can see how it looks, but does jojoba oil/petroleum jelly look fine in the daytime?
  2. i'm sure we've all had dry lips on accutane, but has anyone found a good moisturizer? my doctor gave me some aquaphor, and while it helps, it also leaves my entire lip and upper lip super shiny which just looks stupid. is there anything that like gets absorbed more?
  3. i've been on isotretinoin for about a month and a half - first month was 40mg daily, this second is 60mg. my acne if anything has gotten even worse, i have 4 huge pimples on the right side of my face alone, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. so i'm wondering, how long has it personally been for you before you started seeing improvements? i know i should wait a bit longer, but i'm just getting really discouraged
  4. hey, i found that vitamin C helps with my red marks, but now that i'm on accutane, can i continue using it?
  5. for those of you who had success with vbeam (and those of you who didnt) about how much improvement did you notice after your first treatment? i know it takes multiple treatments for full effect but im just wondering. also anyone have any pics of their transformation?
  6. i was also wondering if anyone has any good experiences with nyc-area clinics that offer vbeam
  7. is it true that after vbeam treatments you will have bad bruising? does anyone have any pics of this? and how long does it last? also i was wondering if i could get, for example, a vbeam one time then wait 2 months instead of 1 month, then get another one?
  8. how long til after the glycolic peel (30% at-home, if it matters) do you get the best results? i know you need to do multiple peels, etc, but are the results visible after you take the acid off, a few hours, the next day?
  9. i sometimes have this problem.. i put moisturizer around that area and massage where all the flakes are. that way they fall off and i don't get any more.
  10. i don't know if you care but weight lifting every day actually works adversely to muscle growth
  11. using too many products in conjunction with one another might irritate your skin other than that, use sunscreen
  12. diet's important, but sticking to a strict diet is probably going to bore you to death. a diet where you switch things up WHILE lifting weights every other day will help you more (lifting weights is generally a much faster and more fun way of losing fat and staying fit compared to strictly cardiovascular exercise, this goes for male & female). here's what i eat for some of my meals (obviously not all for one meal) breakfast: granola w/ milk, bananas, raisin bran cereal, turkey sandwich mid
  13. i just did my first peel... i think. i cleansed my face, waited about 10 minutes after patting it dry, then put some 30% glycolic acid onto a cotton ball. if anyone is familiar with how the house of deming sells their glycolic acid, i think i used two dropper-fuls of acid and dabbed it onto my face. i waited about 3 minutes but i felt next to nothing (very very slight sensation - could barely feel it). my face didn't get red at all, and now about 3 hours later it's pretty much back to normal. is