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  1. So ive been using Retin A Micro(RAM) .1% for about 2years now with a combination of Evoclin(Clindamycin), my skin seems to have cleared up but i still get 1 or 2 pimples every now and then. I am debating on going down to .04% as opposed to using the .1%, what do the knowledgeable people on this board think? What should i be looking for or what should i base this decision on? Thank You in advance.
  2. Hey Adam...can you possibly specify the moisturizers that you use in the morning and the one at night to "cake on" ? I am just debating if I should completely cut out Retin-A from my regimen or still use that with the Finacea? One more thing, you mentioned that you take 50mg Zinc in the morning. My question is that, can Zinc be taken permanently like lets say Centrum Vitamin's or do you need to go off the Zinc for a short period and then restart? Thank You
  3. Interesting... Is there a point when you have to stop taking zinc for a few months and start the process over again, or can one take it permanently as a centrum vitamin?
  4. Ive been using Clinda for about a year and I think it has lost its touch so I might move on over to Duac and Finacea actually with a cleanser. Do you think I should do Finacea and Duac on the same day (morning/night) or just try alternating days and using it at night? The reason I ask is after reading the first post...I know something was mentioned along the lines of sun damage. I know in turn I could put SPF 15 but it just makes my oily skin worse unfortunately! I am definetely going to go with
  5. That was very informative! Thank You. Regarding the above posts...I have a few questions. 1) Since Finacea is not a retinoid...would it be a good idea for me to alternate day to day with Finacea and Retin-A which I am currently using? Or does it make no sense because they both do the same thing? 2)What I am a little confused about was that when I went to the derm, he told me "Retin-A will bring out the acne and the Evoclin will kill it." From my understanding...Finacea will do both...correct
  6. I think I might end up doing the same thing and see if that works. I had two questions... 1) Is Duac an antibiotic? Reason I am asking is because doesnt that mean that my skill will get accustomed to it and I will have to change at one point? 2) Are you using any form of cleanser? Thanks again.
  7. I take it your talking about using BP as spot treatment? Doesnt that cancel each other out...Finacea and BP? So cleanser, Finacea and moisturize all within a fifteen minute intervals or should I wait 15 mins b/w each you think? Thank You
  8. If your skin is dry you might like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. It's formulated for dry sensitive skin. But, in my experience, it didn't help with acne. It's just a gentle cleanser (unmedicated).
  9. Quick question for everyone...I have been using Retin-A and Clindamycin(Evoclin) for over a year now and I think Clindamycin has stopped working for me. I am switching over to Finacea and I was wondering if its ok for me to substitute this for my Retin-A and Clindamycin? I am trying to stay away from an antibiotic form of treatment so do I still need something to substitute for my Clindamycin or should Finacea take care of both? Thank you in advance. P.S: Deadbeat...thanks for referring me to
  10. This is great...I was going to post a similar topic. I need something for my dry skin and blemishes. I was reading the reviews on purpose cleanser and people say thats its overdrying. I am currently using Neutrogena and its ridiculously over drying!
  11. If i remember correctly it took about four months for it to really kick in for me and thats when it started purging but unfortunately a year + down the road...i think it has stopped working
  12. So to give everyone a feel for what I have been using Clindamycin(Evoclin) and Retin A Micro for a little over a year and things were going ok...nothing great but still pretty good. We'll recently, for the last three-four months I have been constantly breaking out with those red pimples that end up into white puss. Could it be possible that my skin has gotten accustomed to it and it stopped working? Please help so I know if I should switch to something else. Thank You