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  1. Their office is a block away from my work, yet I'm reluctant to pay them a visit. The fact that they don't have any before and after photos on their website is very telling. Also there are a series of negative reviews about their professionalism on yelp.
  2. in terms of treating cysts with cortisone shots, time is of the essence. the sooner you have it treated, the lesser the risk of scarring. the good news is derms are often willing to fit cortisone shots between appointments. you just have to ask. if it's weeks before you can get an appointment, you can always go to beauty spas with a resident dermatologist. i took this route once since i couldn't get an appointment with my hmo without waiting weeks, so i called one of these spas and they were abl
  3. hi sydney, the procedure that the OP describes is in fact a current and real procedure. there have been discussions about it in other threads related to dr. kahn. although it is not living up to people's expectations, people know about it and have seen actual results (albeit not great results) because of this forum. the fact is, even though the results are not profound, we have made a lot of progress since we started talking about it over a year ago. people have tried it, and they have shared
  4. Being removed from the situation, I can't conclude that Dr. was Khan being intentionally dubious, but I'm curious to know what his justification is to project an 80% improvement on your scarring? Did he have previous patients with those results, and did he share before and after photos with you at the beginning? Also, do you think your results (or lack there of) has to do with the type of skin tissue at the tip of your nose? In that area, the skin tends to be thicker and more rigid. In the en
  5. Hi faizalj19, I haven't been here in a while, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for your eagerness to share your experience with us. Whatever your results may be, you should know that your positivity and courtesy is something that is much needed on these forums, and I would say the world at large. Keep it up and good luck!
  6. miketomass, so much for not taking it personally? of course i don't think you believe the stuff on that website, i was just making the point of where your line of logic leads, that is, perpetuating a myth without serious evidence. i thought you would find it funny, but i guess not. so much for humor. i have in fact considered your hypothesis, and actually had the same idea you have years ago, which is why i consulted doctors about it first instead of convincing myself it was true, and then try
  7. thank you chikorita, im glad someone has a sense of humor. the reason i am arguing this is because i don't want anyone to feel embarrassed about their skin. you didn't do anything to cause your acne, and there is no reason anyone else should be lead to believe that. there are a lot of young people out there who feel crappy about their acne, and i think spreading myths that they are somehow causing their acne (by masturbating) is irresponsible. i am not just making up a lie to make you feel b
  8. Ok, I will clarify. Acne is caused by the over-production of oil in the sebaceous glands which are enlarged when your body produces more testosterone when you reach puberty. This increased production of testosterone also boosts your libido and frequency of erection. What I am saying is the production of testosterone in your body is involuntary and is NOT influenced by what you ingest (food) or what you secrete (ejaculation) and is completely determined by genetics, e.g. if your father has a deep
  9. i can't remember who, but this is the first time a member of the forum has claimed to have had significant results from this procedure. i think even claiming to be without scars anymore, hence the excitement. personally, i have no great hope, nor am i completely skeptical. i would just like to see some photographed results from the people on this forum. whether there's 100% or 0% improvement makes no difference to me. i would just like to be able to put this mystery and debate to rest.
  10. hi guys, take a step back here. you are not advancing science by abstaining from masturbation. what you have is a hypothesis, and that is DHT, the hormone that causes the over production of oil in subaceous glands is directly related to masturbation. i'll bite, it's a logical connection, but my argument is that it has been proven untrue by the scientific community. did you ever think there is no scientific article about this connection because it has already been proven that there is no connect
  11. i feel like an old man now when i say this, but the willingness of young people to believe anything they read on the internet over long-tested, peer-reviewed, scientific fact makes me concerned about the next generation.
  12. miketomass and others, i really don't think there is any sound science to your claim. any dermatologist will tell you there isn't really much to the causes of acne besides genetics. diet, grooming, and masturbation have NO effect on your acne. i think you guys are taking some anecdotal experiences to make your claim true in your mind, but i think science will disagree with you. i liken it to the denial of global warming just because it's snowing outside. to debunk this masturbation causes
  13. michael24, i'm not trying to start an argument (maybe a debate though), but i don't think we should give up faith just yet. stem cell injection is acompletely different approach than scar prevention or abrasion, where the aim is to supress the natural formation of scar tissue. BRD has always claimed that he would like to see stem cell injection in conjunction with subcision or fraxel which would take advantage of the body's natural healing mechanisms to provide maximum results. however, i don't
  14. thanks for offering to share, faizalj19. this is what we've all been waiting for.
  15. this is an interesting statistic. i'll have to fact check it. Yes, it's very interesting isn't it? I was kind of surprised to read it, as well... Let us know what your findings are, ok? i read the study and it seems the patient volume relates to the number of people with acne, so it doesn't surprise me that is up there with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, etc. as a common disorder. if you consider anyone with acne as part of the market for people who would be in