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  1. so for as long as i've been on the regimen i've always washed my face, waited about 5 min then used B.P. next, and then i usually wait around 15 min before i moisturize......now i do this just because i figured i want to let the b.p absorb into my face before putting on moisturizer. now am i doing this wrong? should i put it on right after i use b.p. because in dans video it seems like he dosent wait long before moisturizing. does doing it right after using b.p. effect how the b.p. is absorbe
  2. so even though the regimen is working.....is it normal to break out sometimes?
  3. thanks for that advice! its just that i worked out last week and did cardio and sweat like crazy and didnt break out.....this week i work out once but sweat more and broke out. maybe i shouldnt run for that long? i dunno......i still cant stop thinking if i go to the gym again im going to break out. its definitly messin with my head and making me 2nd guess the gym and i hate that.....and for some reason i knew this would happen cuz i just have that kinda luck ya know
  4. ok.....so i started getting real bad acne on the forehead in the summer which i thought i was maybe because i was working out everyday and sweating so much. so i stopped working out and started the regimen and at about 1-2 months later i was basically free of the acne. so i decided its time to work out again but i was nervous that going back to the gym was going to trigger my break outs again. well i went to the gym and surprise.....i have pimples on my forehead again. im so paranoid that its th
  5. i've been looking into accutane, but people make it seem like its a bad thing to take, like side effect wise. what are these side effects people are talking about, and about how long does it take for the accutane to start to work? and how can i get my dermatologist to perscribe it for me?
  6. Hi everyone, im new to the forums but im desperate for help. for the past 3 months i have been breaking out with at least 1-3 new huge pimples every other day on my forehead. there big red undergrounders and have white tips and sometimes they are leaving scars as well! its gotten so bad that i quit my job and refuse to go out in public to hang out with my friends......its basically ruining my life. my dermatologist is a jerk and dosen't even listen to me, he just prescribed minocycline and duac