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  1. There is not red anymore but when i do exercice or when it is hot in summer with sun exposure my scar become red/pink is it normal ? does it will heal in the futur and my scars will stop to turn red with hot/sun ?
  2. Just to make à little update i am now peeling my skin is not dark anymore but Pink and White,the White is an issue i will wait to see what happen the next i Will use hydroquinone and tretinoine during 10 days and then use 15% tca peel on a small spot and then my entire face is there any tip to prevent hypopigmentation from peel it's only 3 Day post op so it Will improve thé next https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/22/1/1527533326-img-20180528-204757.jpg
  3. I test one spot at 20% et 30% and my skin became darker grr.. https://www.noelshack.com/2018-21-7-1527372230-img-20180527-000328.jpghttps://www.noelshack.com/2018-21-7-1527372235-img-20180527-000308.jpg So i think i realy need bleaching cream due to my ethnic skin maybe i have one solution to see a doc Who can give me hydroquinone,but i can only use it for one week and don't know if it will be enought
  4. When i use it,i have dark skin so i think it's pih where can i buy it ? hydroquinone is not available in France and i need prescription so it's not possible for me
  5. What % did he used ? and do you have ethnic skin ? did he prep your skin with hydroquinone ?
  6. i can hide it with make up so,it's not a problem for me but is it hyperpigmentation due to my skin or normal burning ? i did not peel so maybe in one week,this desepear 30% is not very strong so i don't understand
  7. I test one tca peel at 30% in a smal area first and my skin are now very dark,it's very scary,is it normal ? Is it too strong for me ? I want to go deeper to treat scar it's been 24 hour https://www.noelshack.com/2018-21-7-1527372230-img-20180527-000328.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2018-21-7-1527372235-img-20180527-000308.jpg
  8. what % do you recommand and what is the limit that i do not reach ?
  9. I Want to start slowly how can i put the tca peel to know how i react from it ? does the skin of the body is the same that the face ?
  10. Don't know if i realy need bleaching creme,my skin is not very very dark i will try without And then after judge if i need it And even if i have a little hyperpigmentation that it 's not visible,i don't care of it because for me everyone can have hyperpigmentation even Light skin but this is less important
  11. I know that i have to use it step by step (15% then 25%) but i am a little afraid about using it does at this % it can destroy my skin and give permanent scaring or discoloration ? i also have an other question,i read the topic (all thing acide peel) it talk about soda to neutralyse the solution but is it mandatory or only water can be enought ?
  12. Tank you for your help Yes i know,i have seen someone Who use this under the eyes : But maybe 25% is too strong for this area
  13. I am going to do one tca peel 25% for shallow scar next week but i would like to know if it's possible to use it under the Eyes ? i have syringoma so,it will be good if i can use it for this
  14. Yes i think he can treat all the scar in the same time but he said that i have to pay 500$ every session i don't think it's normal,it must be free because,he only inject 1 seringue of hyaluronic acid
  15. Yes but my doc said that i have to do it every month or every many month i think us to Quick so i am afraid about that