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  1. There is not red anymore but when i do exercice or when it is hot in summer with sun exposure my scar become red/pink is it normal ? does it will heal in the futur and my scars will stop to turn red with hot/sun ?
  2. I test one spot at 20% et 30% and my skin became darker grr.. https://www.noelshack.com/2018-21-7-1527372230-img-20180527-000328.jpghttps://www.noelshack.com/2018-21-7-1527372235-img-20180527-000308.jpg So i think i realy need bleaching cream due to my ethnic skin maybe i have one solution to see a doc Who can give me hydroquinone,but i can only use it for one week and don't know if it will be enought
  3. When i use it,i have dark skin so i think it's pih where can i buy it ? hydroquinone is not available in France and i need prescription so it's not possible for me
  4. I Want to start slowly how can i put the tca peel to know how i react from it ? does the skin of the body is the same that the face ?
  5. Yes i think he can treat all the scar in the same time but he said that i have to pay 500$ every session i don't think it's normal,it must be free because,he only inject 1 seringue of hyaluronic acid
  6. Yes but my doc said that i have to do it every month or every many month i think us to Quick so i am afraid about that
  7. I am going to do this on wenesdey for 500$ but my doc said that i have to do it every month or every many month and i don't understand why ? Ha filler can last 6 month or 1 years ? Or some bad filler can last only 1 month ?
  8. No i am sure that i don't have any swelling now and that my scar is more deep and visible than before
  9. Because my doc don't used any spacer he only cut with his needle i try suction but My scar don't elevate so for you,is finish and my scar is worse than before ?
  10. But it's normal that My scar is more deep than before,i am afraid about that or is it normal,at the beggining,one week post op,the scar is more deep than before and it Will improve after ?
  11. It's been 1 week since my last subcsision No filler was used and my scar become more deep than before and i regret... is this normal ? It' s going to become less deep after ?
  12. I know that Hyaluronic acid is not permanent,But with this,i will have 0 permanent improvement and i Will need to do this every year ?
  13. I Know that but when you cut under the skin,you can cut also healthy skin and make your scar deepen ? don't know if your understand me but why the skin Will become less deep and not more deep if we cut under the skin
  14. If i understand the principle,the goal is to cut under the skin to destroy the fibrosis band but the skin can recreate fibrosis band and can create more fibrous band than before no,if you cut healthy skin no ?
  15. You said that if after subcsision,the scar re-tether after 3 week,it' sur not working yes i know i need Time but i guess with 5 month i see some improvement but nothing