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  1. Looks like he can cure your acne scars by a whopping 85%. Notice there are no before and after pictures in his post? Hmm...
  2. Right is decent improvement. Use something like tretinoin in your skincare routine to help further improve hyperpigmentation.
  3. I personally don't go fillers because I exercise every day. Being physically active can lead the filler to disappear faster. So not an option for me.
  4. Sounds like you're working at the dermatologist office. Why then is it so hard to get improvement on the forehead? Because it's harder to stimulate collegen in that region.
  5. I would personally wait 3 months between treatments. You otherwise don't have enough time to heal. Many derms like to pump out treatments quickly became that way they can make money.
  6. Was RF Infini worth it for the forehead? Any improvement?
  7. Davin Lim is a big champion for Infini Rf. But how many people have had success with it on here? Results seem to be very mixed.
  8. Would you fly interstate? Davin Lim in Brisbane?
  9. It's definitely a risk. Hopefully in the next 5-10 years we will see better and longer lasting fillers coming to the market. I think this is where scar revision will most likely progress in the short and medium term future.
  10. Bingo. Those look like enlarged pores rather than scars. I would have left them alone and just stuck to a face routine that includes a prescription retinol (Example, Tretinon). Excision can be very hit and miss too due to the different ways we heal.
  11. Spot on. That's why I would like to hear reviews from actual users on sites like acne.org. I also wonder how many positive reviews are actually legitimate. And it could work the other way...there might be some fantastic scar revision specialist who are not well known. They just don't have the hype. It's hard to find great dermatologist in Australia. Lim is the obvious one, but I don't live in that part of Australia and I'm not going to fly to see someone without reading more verified testim
  12. He could have kept that list of highly recommended dermatologist. There is little value of him deleting that and keeping it a secret.
  13. In regards to the Beautiful Ambition issue, I followed the two threads that got deleted and I remember him posting when he was a moderator. He was fantastic when he was a moderator. I can't comment on his new venture though as I haven't used it. Also, the fact that acne org moderators deleted those two threads tell me that they don't allow free speech and they don't care about scar sufferers on this forum. They need to do better!
  14. I'm actually in Australia and for a long time I was going to see Lim. What on earth is that medical board issue? What happened? This is what's holding me back...I don't want my face ruined by a procedure going wrong. I want to see more reviews on acne org by actual posters before I would fly to see him. Also, I personally think not everyone can handle lasers and it should be mandatory by law that a potential patient gets a test laser patch on their skin.
  15. Hello everyone, I remember a couple of years back when Beautiful Ambition had the sticky threads. One of the sections was highly recommend doctors. Unfortunately, all that was deleted (Beautiful Ambition) I was wondering if that list still exists somewhere on that site. It's a shame that list was deleted. I understand Beautiful Ambition wanted to delete his own personal information/advice, but there was zero need to delete that list of highly recommended dermatologist (It was base
  16. Your scars are very mild. I would personally just keep up with your current skin care routine. If you do want scar treatments then I'm sure someone more knowledgeable could help you out. Your skin texture and tone look good. Azelaic Acid is fantastic! I use that, along with tretinon and it seems to work well for improving skin tone. All the best.
  17. None of these things will ever work, let alone get FDA approval and ever come to market. This thread has been going on for nearly 14 years! Cheers to another 14.
  18. Wow. I wonder what that is all about.
  19. Interesting. I would personally stop Accutane for at least six months, but my skin is most likely more sensitive than yours. I wish you all the best with your upcoming treatment and keep us updated.
  20. What was your daily accutane dose? How long did you wait after finishing Accutane before starting scar treatment? Your skin looks good.
  21. What did consumer affairs say? Where is the video where he is showing other people's faces instead of yours?
  22. Of course you can get swelling after a TCA peel. Unless you did a really weak one. Absolutely.
  23. He did CO2 laser and then Bellafill? Did I read that correctly? That's insane! And this makes me angry hearing people paying top dollar for substandard results.
  24. He said he got some treatment yesterday. There might still be swelling present, I'd wait 3-6 months before full results are known. I'd keep up the manual methods, I wouldn't do fractional laser next. That should be the final step when you have raised your atrophic scars and are ready to smooth the skin texture.