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  1. Wow. I wonder what that is all about.
  2. Interesting. I would personally stop Accutane for at least six months, but my skin is most likely more sensitive than yours. I wish you all the best with your upcoming treatment and keep us updated.
  3. What was your daily accutane dose? How long did you wait after finishing Accutane before starting scar treatment? Your skin looks good.
  4. What did consumer affairs say? Where is the video where he is showing other people's faces instead of yours?
  5. Of course you can get swelling after a TCA peel. Unless you did a really weak one. Absolutely.
  6. He did CO2 laser and then Bellafill? Did I read that correctly? That's insane! And this makes me angry hearing people paying top dollar for substandard results.
  7. He said he got some treatment yesterday. There might still be swelling present, I'd wait 3-6 months before full results are known. I'd keep up the manual methods, I wouldn't do fractional laser next. That should be the final step when you have raised your atrophic scars and are ready to smooth the skin texture.
  8. Are you going to contact the doctor through his official email/telephone and book an appointment? Seems fair and reasonable, if you prefer to see him again. Of course, as a consumer, you're most welcome to seek a new scar specialist. Sometimes a particular doctor might not be the best fit for a certain patient, due to their scar treatment preference, background, different expectation and goals. All the best.
  9. How are you finding the ScarAway? Silicone gels are great, but I personally wouldn't use them on my face. They are sticky and would most likely cause breakouts. I use them for a raised red scar on my knee that was caused by injury.
  10. So this poster didn't thought to use the telephone and make contact that way? I'm speechless! Doctors are very busy with emails, a phone call to the medical receptionist would have been more successful. I'm sure they would organise a follow up appointment. And it's not traditional for doctors to make appointments or contact patients through social media. Social media is used instead to promote the doctor, their medical practice, their treatments, etc. There are two sides to each story. Tim
  11. Is it possible for you to travel to UK or Denmark? You live in Greece, that's a relatively short flight for you. Go see one of the top surgeons listed on the FAQ sticky thread on this forum. Sure, it might cost more, but the human cost is so much more if you visit a doctor that isn't proficient in scar treatments. I don't think Greece is renowned for scar treatments. Visit Chu or Emil. Those RF settings sound very aggressive and I wouldn't want that on my face. And most severe acne sc
  12. Very interesting Next! Stunning improvement. Also, it appears a dent from a cortisone shot may heal naturally over 6-12 months. Don't lose faith yet.
  13. What treatment did this doctor perform? What was the designated instructions for follow up care? What issues did you specifically wanted to ask this doctor? There are two sides to each story and we are only hearing one? Remember, some scar patients don't heal very well and will most likely get poor results no matter what doctor or scar treatments are performed. A doctor can't control ones ability to heal. It sounds like you have had multiple scar treatments with other doctors? Is this true
  14. Is subcision safe on the forehead? There are lots of arteries in the area? You mostly see subcision performed on the cheeks, I haven't seen many forehead cases.