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  1. Is subcision safe on the forehead? There are lots of arteries in the area? You mostly see subcision performed on the cheeks, I haven't seen many forehead cases.
  2. I would be very wary of doing scar excisions because people who typically get acne scars are not good skin healers. With an excisions you are attempting to trade one scar for another less noticeable scar. Unfortunately, this doesn't always yield satisfactory results and it seems very hit and miss. This is even more if a risk if you have taken Accutane in the past. I hope the original poster has found solace within himself.
  3. I disagree, the scars don't detract from her beauty and they are not massive scars. I notice lots of people on this forum label scars severe when they are not a big deal. Obviously she hasn't bothered to get scar treatment because she is happy with herself.
  4. Her acne scars are minor and would be barely noticeable unless you actively went looking for acne scars. I don't live in America, so I have never heard of her. She sounds like someone who wouldn't be bothered be her scars, because they are minor.
  5. This thread would be better suited to be moved to the Emotional and Psychological effects of Acne forum. A psychologist that you feel comfortable with would hopefully be able to assist your well-being. This particular forum is very helpful in finding information about scar treatment options and advice.
  6. With filler? That is still probably cheaper than say a Davin Lim.
  7. Just out of curiousity, how much does Novick charge for subcision and filler? You might help a lot of people reading if you state his costs, since he will not reveal his prices upfront. I never had any intention of seeing him (I don't live in the US), but it would be fascinating if people could list their cost of treatment while visiting Novick.
  8. If you require Accutane to control your acne, then it's very likely your diet isn't causing your acne and its most likely genetic. Otherwise we wouldn't need the side effects of Accutane and we would just change our diets. I know diet played very little of a role in my acne. Of course, a good diet is required for general health, but it will most likely not solve severe acne. I know for me Accutane was the only thing that made a significant difference. I remember five years ago I started dr
  9. I wanted to highlight this part of your quote. Dr Chu sounds like a very experienced and competent doctor. He is definitely one of the better ones. However, dismissing new and credible research as 'stop reading crap on the Internet' is concerning. Someone like a Davin Lim, for example, is always seeking out new research in ways to improve his practice (always shares on his YouTube channel). I think some patients are just not a good fit for a doctor, even a decent doctor like Chu. If you heal poo
  10. You had subcision and a fat transfer procedure today, and then you're getting fractional laser two days later? What a very strange combination of scar treatments. You should space your treatments over 3-6 months, not two days.
  11. Are you willing to fly to the UK? That would be my course of action, if you can afford this option. There are a couple of decent doctors in the UK. Please read the FAQ on this forum and read the list of reputable scar revision specialist. Beautiful Ambition made that list based on people's experiences, reviews, reputation, etc.
  12. Miro, I understand your concern about not having a suitable doctor that does manual methods in your country, however, I firmly believe it is a waste of time doing scar treatments at incompetent doctor just because they are close to you. Why would a doctor use laser on parts of your face that don't have scars? Madness. The doctor doesn't do Infini because he/she doesn't have the knowledge and skills. Fractional laser has a poor record on places like the forehead. Someone like Davin Lim
  13. Simp, you mentioned in your original post that you had CO2 fractional laser performed by a dermatologist. So 5-6 days ago? Why have you not commented on your treatment and recovery? Instead, you have come to this site to debate about the merits of lasers and surgeons. I'm highly suspicious. You have not given one update about your treatment and your healing. You have only stated you might post pictures later.
  14. Skin Pessimist, it is now clear that this guy is a troll. All the information and evidence you seek is all found on the sticky threads. Obviously this person has not bothered to read any of that information. Normally its money hungry dermatologist that push fractional laser as first line treatment, not the patient. Hmm....
  15. Collegen takes 3-6 months to build up and develop when you have something like a laser done. Your skin needs time to heal. Where are these peer reviewed studies stating you can do scar treatments spaced four weeks apart? People on this forum have actually provided evidence in the way of photos, logs, etc. Are these medical studies peer reviewed? Or are they sponsored by the laser companies?