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  1. The research states this might be possible to do scar treatments while taking low doses of Accutane. Low dose Accutane is typically 10-20mg a day. I think you would be crazy to do scar treatments while on 80mg Accutane. That is just me. I would wait at least six months.
  2. Thank you Beautiful Ambition. Unfortunately, my dermatologist who is not the greatest thought they were acne, but the Accutane had no effect on these. And Accutane cleared up everything else and I don't get breakouts anymore. A doctor from a beauty clinic thinks they are scars. However, Keloids and hypertrophic scars are rarely white. These were never red. Interesting you mentioned sebaceous hyperplasia. I might get a second opinion with a dermatologist in Melbourne.
  3. ScarRight

    Subcision/cross progress - before/after

    The improvement is absolutely phenomenal. Every person on here dreams about those kind of results. Well done!
  4. ScarRight

    6 treatments TCA Cross no results

    Which reputable doctor? Why do six treatments if the first 2-3 do not work. What did this reputable doctor say? I'm really sorry to hear about the ineffective results. What kind of scars do you have? Maybe TCA cross isn't what you need. TCA cross works ideally for ice picks. Very hard to tell without a picture. I hope all is okay.
  5. ScarRight

    Acne Scar Treatment

    That sounds pretty darn good considering you have only done one treatment. Well done.
  6. I actually have something similar, but they are located on my forehead. I initially thought they were hardened whiteheads because of the white colour. They look very similar to the original poster white bumps. A question for Beautiful Ambition - What are those white bumps on the original poster's picture? Are they Keloids or hypertrophic scars? I have ice picks mixed in there as well. I'm reluctant to use silicone gel because that might cause me to breakout. Luckily Accutane has c
  7. ScarRight

    Does Davin Lim treat under 18's

    Why not contact him via email or telephone contact? His doctor practice may possibly be closed during the holiday period, but email might be worth a try.
  8. Not to mention he is taking Accutane, which can can make your skin more sensitive and thin, which can also add to the healing time. You're a lot braver than me, that's for sure.
  9. ScarRight

    When to stop treating scars?

    He/she sounds like a decent doctor. Most would just keep recommending treatments, especially laser treatments, just do they can make more cash. There might be something in that. You can always seek a second opinion at another doctor. Well done on getting decent improvement.
  10. ScarRight

    Great Improvement

    Swelling? How long was that photo taken after treatment? Also with fillers these are a temporary measure, unless you choose to go with a more permanent filler (Bellafill). Unfortunately, Bellafill isn't available in my country and I don't think I'd be able to afford paying for fillers annually.
  11. ScarRight

    Great Improvement

    Is this you? Or is this from a before and afters page on a doctor website? Remember, everybody's skin and scars are different, so results will vary due to the way people heal. A doctor is only going to post their absolute success stories. They will not post the ineffective ones. I prefer to hear about people posting their own personal success stories. If this is you, then I offer my congratulations.
  12. You have very minor scars. Doing laser treatments are not without risk, so why would you bother. I doubt anyone else would notice your scars, except yourself. What is your goal? Glass smooth skin? That will never happen as scar treatments haven't advanced that far. I'd save the money and buy something nice for yourself.
  13. I think you will need to wait a few weeks before you can properly assess the treatment. It looks like you have swelling and you're giving yourself three months between treatments, so that's a good starting point. You said you were going on Accutane again? How long are you planning on the 20mg dose. Remember, the skin may be a little sensitive doing treatments while on Accutane, but hopefully your doctor has said this is all okay. I personally wouldn't do any treatments while on Accutane or
  14. ScarRight

    Dermaflage For Acne Scarring

    I actually found Dermaflage didn't look natural when covering my atrophic scars. And you can't put make up over it to solve this. Also, using this everyday could breakout the skin, as I don't think this product is non-comedegenic. I'm happy it has worked for you, but it didn't work for me.
  15. ScarRight

    Got an online quote from Dr. Rullan

    I actually think your skin looks good. Your scars are very shallow and superficial and doing scar treatments isn't without risk, even with the experts. Think long and hard about what you would like to do. Personally, I would just continue with your current skincare treatment at home and make sure to avoid the Sun. I think make up could cover your texture issues quite easily. All the best.