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  1. you still have a vagina and a decent body correct? blokes are more focused on bodies than faces. its easier for a lass to have acne than a lad. women just have it easier in life.
  2. traveling is good for ugly people. you can do it on your own too. we don't need boyfriends/girlfriends.
  3. fact is people don't like "ugly" people. acne doesn't make you ugly. now if you have acne and think youre a loser because of the acne....that may not be the case. if youre attractive underneath acne people notice that. if youre ugly no matter if you have acne or not people will notice. if youre ugly and giving up other things in your life because of acne....youre wasting your time. if youre ugly you can have an ugly girlfriend/boyfriend but who wants that? some people are meant to be single an
  4. well if you're cute or what not its okay to smile at strangers and strike up convos if they smile back. but if you're ugly its really a waste of time. only you know if youre ugly or not....not us.
  5. "looks like someone put your face through a meat grinder" made me cry but i did it when i was alone again.
  6. oh sweetie your mom loves you, she just doesn't understand how to be a decent human being. sure she's a piece of shit tied up in her own life and doesn't care about yours, but she's probably trying to be better.