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  1. So I’ve been for 2 years going around the same problem, closed comedones on my face. I’m a 20 (almost 21) year old female. At the beginning of the year I started using a medication in gel form that had tretinoin 0,025% and erythromycin. I work, mostly. Some of my closed comedones were gone and some I was able to easily extract them. But for some reason I broke out again pretty bad all over my cheeks. I kept using the gel but I realize it wasn’t doing much, so I started using tretinoin on 0,1% which is the highest dose. So fast forward, I used it for two months I think, and some of the big closed comedones i had on my cheeks I was able to extract them, others just dissapered (mind you that I also had them on my forehead but those are impossible to remove, I don’t know. The only thing that once worked was ketoconazole shampoo and applying benzoyl peroxide after. It got rid of 90% of those forehead bumps. But it doesn’t seem to work anymore) So I was happy with almost clear skin, I had a bit to go yet but then I got my period and I broke out. I always break out around that time of the month, I get like three big red inflamated pimples but I also get small bumps all over my face. I’m still using the tretinoin but I sometimes feel like it’s doing more harm than good. I got even more bumps all over my cheeks that you can only see in some angles or when the light hits, ALL over my temples and in my forehead. And I feel like maybe the tretinoin (in cream form I’m using it btw) it’s the cause of it. Is this normal? Is the tretinoin suppose to give me all this small bumps and then they will go away if I keep using it? Or it is actually not good for me? Also, the bumps never turn into inflamated pimples, Maybe once every two keeps i get a big inflamated one, but mostly they just stay as bumps. Please if someone knows or had any recommendation towards what could be going on help me!
  2. I wish! I've heard people say good things about them but unfortunately in my country I don't have access to those products.
  3. Aloe Vera is not my thing, believe me. I think I'm just gonna go to another appointment with a dermatologist and tell her what's going on, I think it's useless to keep getting peelings for my acne marks when I still can't control my breakouts. It's just that I'm scared that she'll prescribe me the same old bullshit that every doctor prescribes. Last two times I went to this doctor she just looked at my skin, didn't ask me about my diet, about my skincare, if I'm stressed. Nothing. Doctors suck sometimes. This is is becoming a rant. But anyways I'll keep u updated if you care.
  4. Hey! Thanks for the reply. I actually used a combination of sulfur soap at night to wash my face and then continued with a gel that contained both benzoyl and Adapalene. It's not that I used the soap and since it didn't work I proceeded to the gel with benzoyl and then adapalene. About the aloe Vera, I have like three plants in my house, used it but it did nothing. Absolutely nothing and I tried it for about 3 weeks.
  5. Okay, so a little backstory of my skin. i had normal teenage acne like any other person, turned 18 and all my acne went away. You can imagine how thrilled I was. But well, last year I started medical school and the combination of stress, coffee and sleepless nights fucked me up and I had a huge breakout. So in the middle of last year went to a couple of dermatologists and I settle for one who prescribed me tetrinoin. Well.... my skin reacted bad to it. The breakouts that I had which most were closed comedones, turned into inflamed and painful pimples. Used the tetrinoin for 3 or 4 months and then gave up. Those breakouts left my skin the terrible PIH and PIE. My skin continued to be fucked up till December of last year and the beginning of this year which is when I went to my old acne treatment which was a gel that consisted of benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. So every night I would wash my face with sulfur soap and then apply the gel. And my skin got SO MUCH BETTER. My acne never went completely away but it improved a lot. I need to clarify that I have extremely oily skin and I am very prone to comedonal acne; most of my breakouts are closed comedones I get all this bumpy texture on my skin. So then I went to the dermatologist again because i wanted to get rid of my PIH and PIE. She told me that I needed a couple of peeling sessions, but for that I had to stop using my benzoyl and adapalene le 10 days before treatment, and I did. Got the first session done like 3 weeks ago and I have to go back for the second. The reason why I haven't gone again is because I started using the gel again and I can't get a peeling while using it. The reason why I we not back to the gel is because I started breaking out AGAIN. Like im a 20 year old female, why do I keep breaking out no matter what I do?! Like for fucks sake im so desperate that I put baking soda on my skin just last night. I need help, my skin has closed comedones mostly on the sides of my nose, to the sight it looks like my skin is dry and dehydrated even tho is extremely oily. I wanna take care of it but I don't know what creams to use, what oils to buy them what to do! If anyone has any recommendations please help me, I want to clarify just in case that I'm not from USA, I'm from a Latin America country so unfortunately i don't have access to some skincare products that you may recommend. Thanks.
  6. Hi, so I've recently made an account here after reading a LOT of reviews and experiences on taking zinc for acne. I was like "perfect, gonna give it a try". I have very light acne on my face after months of trying to heal it due to a stress breakout with their respective scars and bad acne on my back that is leaving red scars behind. So I decided to buy zinc tablets but I couldn't find them ANYWHERE where I live. I decided to settle for a multivitamin cause it was all I could find, I wanted to know if any of you ever had a bad experience with them. The tablets have vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, E, copper and zinc. The other option was an effervescent tablet with zinc, vitamin A and E I think. So im really hoping for your opinion on this.