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  1. Thanks again for your reply jc. This Canadian forum sure is quiet hey? Just fyi, Eucerin Renewal may be coming along to Canada in the next little while. Eucerin is pretty new north of the border, and they're just 'testing out' a portion of the line at this point. Could you suggest some natural solutions for exfoliating? Btw, I've seen on the main 'Regimen' forum that you've talked about the vinegar method. To save you retyping, could you perhaps send me a link to where you've discuss
  2. Thanks for your reply jc! But man, that really sucks. My skin is so flaky, and I'm not a fan of the scotch tape method. Used to use oil olay daily facials to exfoliate & keep the flakes @ bay, but I think they were too abrasive on my skin..and this year I developed eczema on my face. Acne + eczema = disasterous skin.
  3. Would anyone know where to purchase Eucerin Renewal? I live in Vancouver and so far I've found Eucerin products (ex. the one with Q10 in it) at Shoppers Drug Mart but not Renewal with Alpha Hydroxy. :-s Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. Yes, I did look at that page, but the pictures of the products weren't loading. However, fixed the problem - I can see them now, so all's good. Thanks!!
  5. Using Visine hasn't really done a lot for me. I've soaked some onto a q-tip and held it to my face - it helps a bit, but I think a dab of concealer works better. (Lasts longer too).
  6. Hi Dan & the acne.org community: This is going to be a very elementary question...but I'm having trouble viewing the recommended cleansers and moisturizers on the 'finding supplies' section of this website...I can see the descriptions of the items, but don't know which description is for which product. Could you list some in order of recommendation for me? Thanks! (I'm in Canada, btw.) A note to Dan: I've been on your regimen for quite a while and have had wonderful results. Thank