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  1. I just wanted to post that i FINAlly got my hands on some Eucerin Renwal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion and let me tell you, this product is different from Eucerin Skin Renewal Clear Skin Formula Day Lotion. The 'active' ingredients are the same, but in different quantities, and the 'other' ingredients are noticeably different. Anyways, my point is, is I've switched over from Skin Renewal to Renewal Alpha Hydroxy, and my skin is doing a lot better (Skin Renewal turned my face into an oil slick).

    I ordered Eucerin Renewal w/ Alpha Hydroxy from shopinprivate.com, and after shipping, conversion, tax etc., it came out to $12 CDN per tube (i got 3 tubes). Not bad since it cost me $10 USD plus running across the border to get the Clear Skin formula one.

    I know not everyone here uses Eucerin, but hope this helps to those of you who do! B)

  2. JC!

    My plans are coming along! I can't believe I leave in less than a month though...still so many things to do. Best of luck with the plane ticket & accommodation situation! So you think I should just go ahead and order the eucerin now hey? I hope face renewal works. This is a bit of a gamble, but here goes! Oh and one more thing - could I possibly use coconut oil with Dan's regimen?

    Kuyars (Hey to another fellow half-Japanese) & colly1 (hey to another Canadian!):

    wink.gif Thanks re: the heads up on bp - I am bringing 10 tubes with me! I hear that one should also bring vitamins when moving to another country to keep healthy...so thanks for the headsup there too.

    Now if I could only bring a year's supply of contacts with me...

    I am dreading the humidity. After an hour or two in Vancouver in the summer, my face is pretty shiny. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in a humid environment. :blink: And Kuyars, I think I know what you're saying re: the dry weather in CA - when I was there for just a couple weeks, my skin was much nicer.

  3. Hey JC!

    How are your preparations for Japan coming along?

    I wanted to ask your opinion...I still can't find Eucerin Renewal annyyywhere in Vancouver (and so far the skin renewal one is working well for me). I tried to order it on drugstore.com, but they don't ship to canada. So...i went to the thread we had on Eucerin R. back on the Canadian forum where a poster suggested Shopinprivate.com. Shipping to my Vancouver addy would be about $12 USD. I was thinking of getting...well...six bottles or so...but any idea whether the expiry date for these bottles will be set far enough? (say, at least a year, if not a year and a half?) Do I call and ask?

    Then there's the option of shipping it to Japan to save luggage space. It costs about $30 USD to ship there though.

    What do you think? Are you bringing a year's worth of coconut oil?

    doodles =)

  4. Hahahah :lol: !

    That is absolutely nothing. I will be in big doggy poop when I get to Japan. At least you don't have a 100% Japanese name. Ppl are going to think i'm mentally slooooowww....

    Congrats on convocating!!! Did you take lots of pics? Hope you had fun. What's a biddy? Is that Torontonian for.....funny? I haven't a clue...sorry!! :huh:

    Congrats again!!

    doodlez biggrin.gif

  5. Jc-san-e,

    Okagesama deshita!! Jc-san wa?

    Watashi wa nihongo ga mada joozu ni hanasemasen.

    My Japanese is still not good yet.

    Watashi wa gokiburi ga daikirai desu.

    I hate cockroaches. :ph34r:

    hehehehe. That was part of my intro yesterday in class. (I'm taking immersion right now).

    Happy studying!!!

    Ja ne!

    doodles biggrin.gif

  6. Heehee hey!!! jc!! biggrin.gif We be goin' to Japan soon!!! woohoo!

    Yeah...I think I ought to take my supplies with me...from what I understand, customs allows us to take a max of 24 pieces per type of product, so shouldn't be a problem. Was just trying to strategize suitcase space!!

    (If you wear disposable contacts tho, it's another story. boo!)

    Where are your going jc? (Prefecture, city/town?) tongue.gif

  7. Hi all!

    Would anyone be able to tell me if Regimen supplies are available in Japan? I'll be moving there (Kanagawa prefecture) in August...

    I use Dan's bp gel (which I've ordered 10 bottles of, so I'm good for bp). I also use Basis sensitive skin bar, and Eucerin Skin Renewal.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback, and sorry if this question's been answered elsewhere...did a search and came up with nada. B)

  8. Did a search for dermamed, and didn't come up with anything...but wondering if any of you have tried this product - it's supposed to be a natural plant ointment for itchy, cracking and irritated skin. For those of you who have acne and eczema, you know what a battle it is to get clear(er) skin.

    Like lots of GPs, mine prescribed me cortizone for the eczema. I've recently been getting itchy eyelids, and yesterday she told me to put the cortizone there too. Isn't cortizone supposed to have some pretty icky side effects? I don't want to put it on my eyelids. Ahh!! sad.gif Looking for something natural. Stuff I've tried for eczema (but not on eyelids): lavender and camomile cream from Escents, lavender oil straight on, and sarna (no luck). I have just started taking capsules with evening primrose oil, flax seed, vitamin b etc...

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!! 8)

  9. I think you're asking me, and if not, oops! 8-[

    And yes, I do get really red from generous amounts of bp. Recently I started using it more on my cheeks (face!), and started to get really red/hot/swollen-ish (and I'm not allergic to bp). I cut back on the amount (I was using neutrogena on the spot at the time), and the redness subsided. I've just started on dan's beautiful bp gel, and plan to ramp up the dose again. biggrin.gif

  10. Here's my way of dealing with face dandruff:

    A very little bit of exfoliating combined with Dan's regimen (using neutrogena extra gentle, dan's bp gel, and eucerin SKIN renewal - got the "wrong" one by accid't, but it's working!).

    For exfoliating: I use noxema cleansing cloths -you know the daily facial stuff where you add a bit of water and lather it up. The cloth has two sides to it - one rough, one smooth. I Only use the smooth side, and it seems to pick up lots of flakes when I glide it over my face very gently. I only do this...once, maybe twice a week max. I found this to really work only after I began using Eucerin Skin Renewal...prior to using this, I was using Neutrogena oil free. My theory is the Neutrogena was not 'softening' the flakes enough for me, so when I tried to use the noxema cloths (even after putting warm water on my face), the flakes wouldn't really budge (they would feel thick-ish and stiff).

    *I used to use oil olay daily facials Everyday, twice a day, for quite a long time (a year +). But eventually it got too irritating, and I started breaking out like mad and getting eczema. Since I stopped using the olay cloths, my face has cleared a lot. (Oh, and nowadays, I avoid using the noxema cloths over any eczema spots. Another bonus about the noxema ones: they don't have as much fragrance as olay).

    Hope that helps! But I know everyone's different...good luck! 8)

  11. Does anyone know if you have to be at home to receive the bp gel from the post person? Ie. if you're not home or the post person misses you, will he/she leave it for you or do you have to go to the post office to pick it up? :-k Just want to leave instructions for my folks cause I'm goin on vacation soon. (Ordered my bp gel on April 1st).

  12. So! Went south of the border and picked up a couple bottles of Eucerin Renewal. Have been using it for a few days and it has worked absolutely wonderfully for me!! yay!! biggrin.gif This stuff is the bomb. My flakes were outta control and exfoliating was not helping.

    I just found out I'll be leaving at the end of July to teach English in Japan for a year...I have a feeling I'm gonna have to stock up on lotsa supplies and will be posting on the international forum soon!

    Thanks again jc for your tips re: exfoliating and the vinegar method. O:)