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  1. oh update! found another AHA/glycolic acid product. it's workin really well for me!! (altho again, i don't know the % AHA which really bugs me). http://shop.bacl.co.jp/scl/beauty/shop/goo...s=PC00000004204 it's called GP Lotion (brand is "AHA by Cleansing Research" i think). It's "Mild Chemical Peeling & Invigorating". Funny Engrish of course. hehe.
  2. Haro!! Fyi, found newish product with AHA & BHA in it...not sure what the % is (frustrating that they don't include these things, ne?). It's called "Pore Buster" - a clear gel serum. http://www.rohto.co.jp/taisaku/pora.html I'm workin this into Dan's regimen (lotsa clogged pores). Hope this works, and for interested peeps in Japan, you can find this at HAC Drugs & Donki Hote. Ja ne...
  3. Hey hey, koko desu yo. I'm in the Yokohama area & have seen quite a few acne products, but most seem to be salicylic acid based. Have not found any BP. I'm currently lookin for a product (maybe moisturizer?) with AHA in it. Anyone else living in the Kanto region?
  4. 26, going on to 27 in april...
  5. hey all! Vancouver, BC! But currently in Japan! I've been on the regimine for about 3 years, but my skin has gone to crap out here. grrrrr!
  6. I just wanted to post that i FINAlly got my hands on some Eucerin Renwal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion and let me tell you, this product is different from Eucerin Skin Renewal Clear Skin Formula Day Lotion. The 'active' ingredients are the same, but in different quantities, and the 'other' ingredients are noticeably different. Anyways, my point is, is I've switched over from Skin Renewal to Renewal Alpha Hydroxy, and my skin is doing a lot better (Skin Renewal turned my face into an oil slick). I orde
  7. JC! My plans are coming along! I can't believe I leave in less than a month though...still so many things to do. Best of luck with the plane ticket & accommodation situation! So you think I should just go ahead and order the eucerin now hey? I hope face renewal works. This is a bit of a gamble, but here goes! Oh and one more thing - could I possibly use coconut oil with Dan's regimen? Kuyars (Hey to another fellow half-Japanese) & colly1 (hey to another Canadian!): Thanks re: the
  8. Hey JC! How are your preparations for Japan coming along? I wanted to ask your opinion...I still can't find Eucerin Renewal annyyywhere in Vancouver (and so far the skin renewal one is working well for me). I tried to order it on drugstore.com, but they don't ship to canada. So...i went to the thread we had on Eucerin R. back on the Canadian forum where a poster suggested Shopinprivate.com. Shipping to my Vancouver addy would be about $12 USD. I was thinking of getting...well...six bottles
  9. Hahahah ! That is absolutely nothing. I will be in big doggy poop when I get to Japan. At least you don't have a 100% Japanese name. Ppl are going to think i'm mentally slooooowww.... Congrats on convocating!!! Did you take lots of pics? Hope you had fun. What's a biddy? Is that Torontonian for.....funny? I haven't a clue...sorry!! Congrats again!! doodlez
  10. Jc-san-e, Okagesama deshita!! Jc-san wa? Watashi wa nihongo ga mada joozu ni hanasemasen. My Japanese is still not good yet. Watashi wa gokiburi ga daikirai desu. I hate cockroaches. :ph34r: hehehehe. That was part of my intro yesterday in class. (I'm taking immersion right now). Happy studying!!! Ja ne! doodles
  11. JC: Congrats on getting your placement. You might've already looked, but here's a thread on kagawa-ken, in case it's helpful: http://bigdaikon.lunarpages.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=32631 Dang! Wish you got that extra "na" in your pref name! hehe :wink: Turbo: From what I hear, a prefecture is like a state...roughly speaking. I am from Canada though. B) Cheers all!
  12. Hi Jc!! Yep, I think so. Please see my PM! Cheers, doodles
  13. Heehee hey!!! jc!! We be goin' to Japan soon!!! woohoo! Yeah...I think I ought to take my supplies with me...from what I understand, customs allows us to take a max of 24 pieces per type of product, so shouldn't be a problem. Was just trying to strategize suitcase space!! (If you wear disposable contacts tho, it's another story. boo!) Where are your going jc? (Prefecture, city/town?)
  14. Hi all! Would anyone be able to tell me if Regimen supplies are available in Japan? I'll be moving there (Kanagawa prefecture) in August... I use Dan's bp gel (which I've ordered 10 bottles of, so I'm good for bp). I also use Basis sensitive skin bar, and Eucerin Skin Renewal. Thanks in advance for any feedback, and sorry if this question's been answered elsewhere...did a search and came up with nada. B)
  15. I don't think the Skin renewal one has AHA in it. It does have lactic acid. I've been using it for 2 weeks, and it's working well for me!! 8)