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  1. if the prescriptions meds i just talked about are liquidy and both say lotion, it means u put them on ur face and wash immidiately after right?
  2. if you have mainly only scars left from acne, but little active acne forming, is accutane an appropriate treatment?
  3. thats ridiculous. anyone had experienced from referels from family doctors here?
  4. hey, is it true u must be referred by a family doctor to go to a derm? how long does it take? how is it that i was given meds by a family doctor and i didnt get a referel to a derm?
  5. in your mother give some advice plz anyone
  6. i also have a dilemma..i can start tane on sunday, but my skin is failrly ok now, and i have frosh week sept 3, so should i wait after i start uiniveristy and after frosh week where u meet all new ppl and stuff and i dont want an IB for that? but onthe other hand i cant wait to start and also its nice that i have the summer to see and learn the side effects and stuff and can stay home if i need lol or what not..and not just get familliar with it when i start school..any advice will be great than
  7. fair enough , i like ur response m8 thats above me, ill ask him, and prob end up doing mild excersize..
  8. anyone ever heard of these pills and their role with acne stuff?
  9. i dunno bro, but he said absolutely no excerisze except for light walking and im not gonna jeopordize the treatment so ill adhere to that. im also on low dose 20 mg, so maybe we can do some mild weighlifting due to our low dose? im not sure tho..he didnt really say why but it was emphasized so..
  10. hey boys im new to the forums starting accutane 20 mg a day my derm said no working out what so ever while on tane...should i just go with that or what? btw im pissed off i wont be clean before uni, oh well, starting uni in sept, queens, kingston, ontario, canada