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  1. Hello my friende Do you remember me? now in month two of taking spironolactone i am clear. I am so happy and pry it is the permanent change. now i have lot of red marks and scars and try to fade them.
  2. Hi Sara, You need to definitely give it more time.. I was on spiro for 6 months before I my skin was consistently good, so be patient. I also used retin-a .25% everyday (it's a topical cream) and it worked great with the spiro:) thank you my friend. i try to be patient and belive that i can defeat acne:)
  3. Hello my friend. Please continue to write and share. I read your updates and try to learn english for knowing your experiences of spironolactone. I still break out and get new cystic. but i am hopefully and i know one day finaly i will wake up acne free! i try to be patient. i belive that we can defeat acne
  4. thank you sa much for your answer. i know the initional break out may take a long time but i am worry about scars of this horrible ib. it take a long time to disapear red marks and scars maybe never go. i belive i have hormonal problem cause my acne. i try to be positive and patient to see results. sorry for my weak english. Good Luck
  5. oh i still in 22th day on spironolactone and i had a very very bad ib in this week. it is so awfull please answer me is that normal? my skin go to worse day to day. I hate my skin actually
  6. hello friendes. I am 27 and i had moderate acne near 10 years. recently i decide to take 100 mg spironolactone every day. and now after 22 days i breack out so bad. i hadnt breack out like this before. pimpels are every where of my face big and cystic! i am very penitent but i dont know what can i do? if any one have spironolactone experiment please tell me about ib. i need to know existe hope for me to see good results. every thing is awful! sorry for my weak english
  7. doctors didnt effective for me in this ten years. waste of my time, money and my life. i cant forgive them thanke you my friend but i was on roaccutane for two course and it didnt work for me unfortunetly! its my bad chance thanks for your good wishes.i am in 20th day on spironolactone and i still break out so bad i have pimples every where. i try to be positive and think its an ib and get be better:(
  8. thank you so much for the reply. but roaccutane didn't work for me.
  9. 10 days after using spironolactone i breack out like a crazy i am so sad...
  10. hello friendes. I am 27 and i had moderate acne near 10 years. recently i decide to take 100 mg spironolactone every day. and now after 10 day i breack out so bad. I feel so sad and ugly it is very awful. I cry every day and i dont want see my family and friends. Please help me what can i do for this situation? spironolactone not work for me or this is common? I am very sad because this pimples are big and make scars in my face. can i take antibiotic at the time? Sorry for my weak english