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  1. I’ve posted before and after pictures about my visits to Novick. I had terrible results and wasted about 6k between two visits. I went to rullan after and he was 1000x better. Also everything that the person wrote in that long detailed review is also all true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Novick also cleans up his image on reviews somehow. I would stay away at all costs. It’s all hype and wasting money and no actual results
  2. I just confirmed with the office that I did in fact use juvederm. They told me it takes around 6 months, but it could be longer, for the filler to dissolve
  3. I haven’t uploaded pics in a while so figured I would. I last saw Rullan back in May. That was my third time and hadn’t gone since October. First time I saw him in July 2018 and we did sub and I just suctioned, then I saw him in October 2018 and did same thing, and now in May 2019 we finally switched to sub+filler. This time he recommended I just do subcision and filler due to my atrophic scars and also due to me not having much results the first two times with sub+Suction. I think my results we
  4. Because I heard he’s not great at placing it. I also am buying a new suction device to use this time and will see what results I get from that. It’s a derminatir device, I was just using Chinese cupping before. I think I am going to get filler at least once eventually though
  5. @beautifulambition I think i am going to use the microdermabrasion device a try for round three in May and see how it goes. I’m hoping me suctioning through days 8-14 this time (which I didn’t do in first two times) will help give me improvement and prevent rethering. I’ll probably likely lean to getting filler for round four late August. They do say the clearest sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results...I gotta switch it up eventually.
  6. @beautifulambition I think my problem has been that my scars are re-tethering due to me not suctioning for long enough. Due to work constraints, I was suctioning for 7 days (8 passes a day) and then stopping during my first 2 subcisions. For my next subcision in May, I am taking enough time off from work to suction for 11 days post-procedure (and roughly 2-3 passes a day for days 12-14). I bought the chinese cupping set on amazon for suctioning, but I am thinking about getting a bet
  7. I really don’t think there’s that much improvement, maybe like 10-15% after two treatments. At this pace I’m going to need at least like 7 treatments lol.
  8. Edit By MOD: Please Don't Feed the Trolls. Read the Post History by the username if you have questions (click their username on the left). Their is a Dr Lim you can read there. I Do Not want to side track this post. Post in the Lim Post if you want it's not appropriate here. This post is about Dr Rullan.
  9. **new pics post 2nd Rullan visit for subcision and microneedling This is the right side of of my face. First pic is original, second pic is after 1st Rulan visit in summer, and third pic is post 2nd Rulan visit (visit from October but pic taken today). Both rullan visita I did cannula sub with microneedling and suctioning for about 7-8 days after. Its weird because in my second pic it looks like one of the dents went way, but I think that was due to swelling as it’s
  10. I’m two weeks out post procedure. I got subcision, microneedling and tca in one spot. I’ll post pictures in another week or two. Only symptoms I have are a little redness from one spot where he went aggressive. I suctioned for the first week at 8 passes a day and then stopped after that due to some bumps not going away. I’m planning on going to see him at least one more time, probably two.
  11. I’ve had filler two times already in the past ten months from Novick. Plus I’ve heard on here that Rullan isnt the best at placing it. Also it’s cheaper not to get it. And all threads on here of people doing suction have said it works great just a little down time
  12. Just booked my flights out to San Diego to see Rullan again for mid-October! Plan on getting subcision, microneedling, and then phenopeel on just one spot. Plan to suction the first week doing 8 passes a day. And then suction the second week doing 2-3 passes a day. Will post before/after pictures about 3-4 weeks after the procedure
  13. Ohh ok. And thanks, I’m much happier with my right side than the left. Im not sure why I saw more improvement on one side than the other. I think I’m going to Rullan for two more times and then re-assess. I really want to get my face looking good as possible and never have to do this again. I’m thinking about it sort of as an investment in my face/confidence for pretty much the rest of my life
  14. I’m not really sure what you meant by any of this/how it applies to me haha but thanks