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  1. Me...I became too obsess..trying to control my acne breakout that it became much worser (coz I'm not sure how to take care my face's skin that it leave scars) biggest mistake everrrrrr.....
  2. U should've punch that guy who said "not like you" I would really feel good reading this Hahahaha....it's good that what u got is only pimples not acne scars....acne scars sucksssss.....coz im in highschool i really have hard time ...I mean acne scars is not only hard to treat but also not a highschooler like me got money for treatment so it's hard for me...(but anyway)good for u though:)
  3. I never think myself ugly...coz my ugly already(Anyway)Well many people don't really care about someone's acne prob most people think it's normal it's just that most of us(with acne and acne scars) think of ourself not normal and shy because of our prob....I won't say I'm not bother with my acne and acne scars...it's just that some people don't really care(like my friends and classmates)....but honestly.....when it's a guy I can look at them in the eye only girl is the prob...I lost myself confi
  4. I know how it feels...but mine is not just acne but scars and acne....and I also think the same as you"what did ever do to deserve acne?TT)
  5. I got cyst acne scars whiteheads to blackheads and I have a dry skin and the same with some scar as(ice pick,box scars,and keloid scars and a few rolling scars...) I really losing my confidence because of it, and I always get stress out...I can't stop not touching and pinching my face where the acne is....(well I want to stop but it became a habit so sometimes I touch it instinctly...).....I have no idea how to mostly take care of my face....coz I only start thinking of how I look till last year