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  1. so you'd better come back here in 30 or 40 years, otherwise you'll suffer while waiting for a treatment. For me, I think it will be soon, this is my opinion of course, but if I come here it's because I'm optimistic given the recent discoveries sunogel is not a sham, it is that with the epidemic crisis it has delayed the events.
  2. science has made very good progress on how healing works. it will not be surprising if we have a treatment for complete skin regeneration in the near future. be positive!
  3. at the limit those who believe that scar free is in the distant future, that they come back here in 10 years, instead of hurting themselves for nothing to them and to others who have hope. they will be surprised that it could come much rather than expected
  4. I wonder why people don't believe in scar free come to this section ? at least, if you didn't believe it's your business but don't discourage those who believe it especially with the current scientific evidence. 50 years ago who would have thought that people would have the possibility to call with a wireless cell phone... things happen sooner than we think. just because the media doesn't report it doesn't mean there's no good progress in scar free.
  5. fs2 is good for those who want to be satisfied with a percentage healing, but for those like me, who want a real scar free it is not the solution. I respect that people can love fs2, but they must also respect people like us who expect a real skin regeneration and not want to demoralize us, knowing that science shows that scar free is possible. the title of the section is scarless Healing and not healing in percentage. they must respect the section
  6. I don't want to hurt anyone, look at the title here we shouldn't only talk about scar free and not about improvement. Otherwise we're off topic, there are others who are already talking about all this in the other sections
  7. Can you give me some sunogel ? Thank you.
  8. they have to ask Dr Sun how much money he needs for his tests. once answered, we will contribute to help him if we really want to help him
  9. It would be necessary to ask the question to Dr swanson. if ever he injects their derivative product, if there is a possibility to have no margin.
  10. Maybe that the margin is invisible in the naked eye, Because the images on the site it is in the microscope. Will soon have us the results
  11. Do not forget sunogel the guys! It will be necessary to know if with sunogel, we could benefit from properties of the surrounding skin with the skin regenerated. Dr sun sent me a message There is an unstant, By confirming me that he made a success of a scar free on the pig. I hope that he is going to find investors for the tests at the human beings
  12. https://www.polarityte.com/news-media/press-releases/detail/418/polarityte-to-participate-in-corporate-access-event-in-san
  13. We can see them directly sunogel or polarity? Malheuresement, me I live in France. My question is certainly stupid ! But pk not give it a try for a person who lives in usa. There is nothing to lose. There is address of sunogel on the Internet : 9 W Ridgely Rd #270, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093, États-Unis
  14. What I like in this article, it is that he mentions the term " perfect skin "
  15. 1. their derivative product are planned for when approximately ? If skinte work on the human beings 2. When we shall have the results on the human ? 3. In a near future can we hope for a scar free with skinte or them their derivative products ? If it is not the case still 4. right now, we can hope a scar free for scars less serious than burn Such as a acne scar with skinte ? If it is not the case, in the futur, we can hope a scar free for scars less serious than burn Such as a acne scar w