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  1. ditto to yellowbug. I had zero scarring from mine, which I'm sure would not have been the case if I had let it continue. I've had some that kept going under there until I had to have it excised - which does scar.
  2. I have one right at the bottom of my chin. So large that it looks like I have a chin implant rather than a cyst. Ridiculous.
  3. Bare Minerals here as well. Using it for about 4 years now. It's the only thing I'll ever use.
  4. I'm totally trying this. I have a couple of DEEP nodules or cysts that refuse to surface.
  5. Day 10: The worst of my cysts are gone (small purple-red scars, or course). A combination of the drawing effect and my dermatologist's skill with a tiny scalpel got rid of them. I'm looking forward to those areas healing up. I look TONS better than I did before I started this. My chin (the offending area) is flat, and after a few tiny whiteheads surfacing, nothing new has shown up. I have a few very deep cysts on my chin - they're not visible, but I can feel them. I'm not sure the reg
  6. samanda - I looked up the Prid salve quite interesting. christy - as mentioned in the other thread, my derm surgically removed the core of three of my cysts yesterday. I lucked out - she's very good. It really is a surgical procedure; I don't think they would have ever come out on their own. They were turning purple, and if I had tried the removal on my own, I would have permanent scarring. might want to try finding someone who will do it.
  7. Happy Halloween, all. Update: I'm on day 7. On day 6, I had a derm appt, and my doctor felt that three of the worst cysts I have needed to be drained. Just guessing, but I believe that without this reg, they would not have been close enough to the surface, and I'd still be suffering from them. All my cysts have definitely moved closer to the surface since starting. Note: I have very sensitive skin - bfg or john, you think this may be kicking in faster for me because of this? Still keepin
  8. I'm on day 5 - looking good. My husband commented today on how much smaller the cysts are now. This is the first thing I've found that pulls all the crap to the surface, which I find absolutely necessary. On a repulsive note, as the cysts come to the surface and I can needle the suckers, there is actually an odor. Not a pleasant one. Stuff has been festering under there for quite some time. Gross. I can barely believe I'm a girl.
  9. It does smell great. Still wish it was on my husband. ;)
  10. Hi Christy, I'm with you on the Accutane. I've had bouts of depression in the past, and Accutane isn't something I'm willing to try. (I'm 30F)

  11. On my second full day, after 3 oxy treatments. Most of my cysts are nothing but tiny, slightly wrinkled, purplish spots - the cysts themselves aren't detectable, if they're even there. I'm thrilled. My chin still looks gross, but you can tell it's on its way to recovery. Much less swelling and inflammation, and my profile looks like a chin again, and not an unidentifiable facial protrusion. And NO PAIN! I took pics, but they really don't show the improvement, so I'm not bothering to post. T
  12. Started this regimen last night, exactly as described. I am also taking 500mg Augmentin 2x daily, but it isn't really doing anything after 4 weeks of it, and someday I'll have to quit to save my poor body from all the antibiotics. I have extreme, hormonal cystic acne on my chin only. Currently 3 large horrifying, painful and itching legions, the worst of which has stayed around for 2 months. Today - I definitlely looked worse this morning; but considering how bad it's been for months now, it
  13. I'm 30 and married - I've been depressed about my CHIN LOOKING LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF STAR TREK for the past few weeks, but my husband and I joke about it. [RANT] Outside of the house though, is a different story. I'm working from home (thank God I'm able to do that) a couple of days a week now. I go into the office in the morning, and by noon my INFLAMED, CYSTIC CHIN is itching and throbbing as if living things were crawling beneath my epidermis. People are stopping by my officle (office cub
  14. Yup, thought of that too. Have a gyno appt. coming up now. :o/