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  1. keep at it bud- IT WILL WORK!! this was the last house on the left for me - and its the only thing that worked ( but it took a couple months )
  2. sorry for the late response - Havent been on here in a while! my skin is looking really good.. My skin was red and irritated with the BP for the first couple of months but i am now use to the BP and I no longer get red when applying it.. I havent posted in over a year - I cant believe its been that long.. Reason I havent posted is because my acne is practically non-existent due to Dan's simple regimen.. After my acne cleared up i was left with alot of ice pick / rolling scars.. I had 2 micr
  3. 3-19-2018 6 months into the regimen and haven't had any serious breakouts in months... as I stated in past posts, I was super skeptical about this regimen because I have tried everything up until the point I found acne.org, but it has been a god send.. absolutely sold on this regimen.. still use Dan's face wash twice a day and currently just applying BP once before bed and that seems to work fine to keep my acne at bay.. I still suffer with ice pick scarring mainly on my cheeks. I tried TCA c
  4. Havent posted in a while.. So im about 4 and a half months in on the regimen and ive seen a lot of improvement.. I must admit ive slowed down a lot on the regimen.. Still cleansing twice a day with Dan's face wash but usually only applying BP once a day before bed.. My skin has improved a ton the past 4+ months since I found this Regimen and I AM GRATEFUL FOR THAT!!! I am left with some ice pick scarring which I plan to treat with TCA cross method 50%.. I tested 3-4 deep scars about a month and
  5. 11-7-17 about 2.5 months on the regimen and my skin has made a drastic improvement .. was very skeptical when starting the regimen but so far has been a miracle.. now just dealing with hyper pigmentation which is fading and ice pick scars which I am going to treat with TCA cross
  6. stick it out buddy.. I broke out a lot too my first month.. ive been on the regimen for almost 2 months now and my skin looks a lot better than a month ago.. not perfect, but much better.. it takes time for all that gunk to come to the surface.. patience
  7. 10-16-17 .. coming up on 2 month mark and overall I am satisfied with the regimen thus far... still have acne deep underneath skin and I am hoping that it will clear up soon.. haven't had a whitehead pop up in quite some time, but 2 new cysts have come to the surface.. I am guessing its just all slowly coming to the surface... red marks/ hyper pigmentation is slowly fading... skin is still far from perfect but has improved greatly the past 2 months.. I do have some ice pick scarring on my cheeks
  8. I posted in this forum before I started Dan's regimen.. put down the vape and unfortunately started smoking cigarettes again... started Dan's regimen and have seen a huge improvement in my skin over the last month.... Hard to say wether quitting vaping had a part to play in that which leaves me in between a rock and a hard place.. been vaping again the past 2 weeks or so and trying to cut out the cigarettes again... So I will update wether or not new acne forms and if it does, im going to cut th
  9. 9/25/17-- week 6-day 1 Not too much to update.. skin is still improving.. started incorporating Dan's AHA into my regimen.. been mixing It 50/50 with moisturizer at night every other day and it seems to be helping a lot. not sure if its just in my head but my complexion is looking healthier..
  10. WEEK 5 DAY 5 : 9/22/17 No new acne is forming.. most of my acne is deep under the skin so some of it is still coming to the surface but not visible unless very closely examined. (a lot of my zits don't grow heads).. skin is looking much better than it was a few weeks ago.. finally starting to feel okay with myself looking in the mirror.. dealing with marks and hyper pigmentation but even that seems to be slowly fading.... so far I am VERY pleased with the regimen.. glad I found it.. Was think
  11. WEEK 5 DAY 1: have seen great improvement over the last 4 weeks.. on day 1 of week 5 now... My biggest problem when it comes to acne is that I am impatient.. skin improves and my mind forgets how bad my skin was even a week or a month ago. I WANT CLEAR SKIN YESTERDAY.. I have not had any new whiteheads pop up in the past week or two which is a good sign. one cyst popped up on my cheek but other than that, skin is definitely improving.. Red marks and hyper pigmentation is what I am dealing with
  12. 9/14/17: WEEK 4 DAY 4.. not much to say on this update.. got Dan's products in the mail. Have been using the steam room at the gym after working out 4-5 times a week to help pores open up and bring impurities to the surface.. Also started taking Whey protein after gym sessions which I don't think is the best idea but i will stop if i see any negative effects..Skin is looking OKAY overall.. its been very hot the past couple of days so my acne marks/blemishes are kind of red from the sun. Going
  13. 9/11/17 --- WEEK 4 - DAY 1 first day of 4 week mark and my skin is looking pretty decent .. redness/irritation from cysts are finally starting to disappear slowly.. no new acne is forming. skin looks and feels smoother. very slow process for a very impatient person but overall I am happy with my progress thus far.. now what I am left with is hyperpigmentation and blemishes.. (still have some acne deep within skin /blackheads on my nose but they are coming to the surface). Try my hardest not t
  14. ive gotten much better at not "picking" at my skin, although its not easy to do when huge ugly cysts are at the surface of my skin.. I appreciate your response, however my question is still unanswered at to whether or not it is normal for acne to be coming to the surface? they are now healing but I am left with red marks/hyper pigmentation and it is very aggravating..
  15. Need some input here.. started the regimen 3 weeks ago and a few cysts on my cheeks came to the surface about 2 weeks in.. I drained them and they are now red and irritated.. IS THIS NORMAL??? Just want to make sure im on the right track..? very embarrassed with the way my skin looks right now and just want to make sure this is just a "purge" and not making matters worse... Also, I drained the cysts and one of them seems to have filled back up a bit. should I drain again?? THANKS