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  1. well that's a great start anyway! don't worry too much about being perfect about the diet all the time. I mean of course strictly following the diet is the best thing you can do but don't sweat it too much Had you already noticed any calming down in your skin? I find that a big motivation for me to not eat those things is that when i don't eat them my skin is much better and whenever i do have something "bad" i get a really (physically :S) painful breakout. So because i know thats whats gonn
  2. yeah i've noticed the same thing! especially because whenever my sleep rhythm is messed up i'm in a stressful period of my life my skin gets worse which affects me psychologically and i end up stressing more and more. Its an evil circle kinda thing really.. i don't know about others but for me sleeping enough and at the right time does help my skin a lot but its never managed to clear it up completely, it just helps a little but good anyway!
  3. Hmm.. I know for sure that sugar is what breaks me out, so if that's what breaks you out as well then i'd go for either tequila, vodka, gin or whisky - apparently they all have zero carbs!
  4. Now this is interesting! About a year ago I removed all grains and white sugar (also the 'hidden' sugar) from my diet (well i have the occasional ryebread and quinoa) and i've had immense improvements in my skin! I had a shocking experience a couple of weeks ago when i'd found a recipe for a brownie/cake-thing which looked sooo delicious that i had to try it I baked it and it turned out fine. However once i had some of it i don't know what happened but i really felt physically sick of it. My he
  5. I haven't noticed that exercise would make me break out, actually more of the opposite! I guess when i've had a break from my exercise routine and get back to it my skin worsens momentarily, but after a few days it improves (to a better state than it was during the break). That's an interesting point though, how exercise affects hormone secretion and hence could affect acne. But on the other hand i think the increased blood flow that exercise causes would improve the rate at which nutrients are
  6. yes fruits contain sugar, but they contain fructose which is definitely better than refined sugar. I'm not saying you should opt for fruits like grapes which do contain tonnes of sugar, but what i'm saying is that they are a better option than refined sugar. Also, a low GI diet doesn't have to mean that you do Atkins or something equally stupid. In fact you can just increase your protein intake and eat more healthy fats. Using olive oil for cooking is not a good idea because it doesn't endure he
  7. The sugar in candy is refined, white sugar. It's chemical structure is different from the sugar in fruit (fructose) and hence is absorbed differently in your body. The glycemic index (GI) of fructose is much lower than that of white sugar and hence doesn't cause as big of an insulin spike when you eat it. Insulin spikes on the other hand are related to causing a small state of inflammation in your body which in some people (you and me obviously since we're on this forum :D) expresses itself e.g.
  8. In my experience the bolded ones would be the reason. Basically: the cheerios, pancakes, sandwiches = sugar & refined grainspeanut butter, peanuts = i'm not sure of the chemistry behind it, but no other nuts break me out except peanuts.oatmeal, popcorn =grainsjelly = sugar, additives and artificial flavoring (never good)grapes = very high in sugar (yes, i know, its fruit sugar, but that doesn't make them that much better) I've come to the conclusion that its grains that trigger acne (at
  9. Well getting rid of sugar and refined grains (i.e. anything that is made of white flour, or white rice) and instead just having brown rice, fullgrain pasta, ryebread (or something similar) is a definitely worth doing You could also try quinoa as a substitute to your grains - its delicious! Especially when you cook it pilaf style! I know it sounds crazy to completely give up on grains, trust me, i had my doubts Of course as with any lifestyle change you're going to have to do it gradually st
  10. Yes. I'm a firm believer in eating primal which essentially means that you don't eat any grains (this includes pasta, potatoes, rice, bread and of course refined sugar etcetc) and instead have lots of veggies, nuts, meat (or other protein) etc. I've been eating primal for a year now, i'm not too strict about it, i do have the occasional pasta meal (max once a week) and if i ever have bread its got to be 100% rye and even then only one or two pieces max. The main idea behind eating like this is e
  11. Ok, so i didn't have time to read through the whole thread so i'm not sure if this has been asked before but here goes: How is it possible to follow this "not washing your face (too often?)" regime if your acne is so bad that you cannot leave the house without wearing makeup? :S
  12. For me it doesn't.. Or at least i think not? My acne was actually worse before i got in the habit of drinking coffee (not saying it helped, but doesn't seem to have made it worse anyway). Of course in case you have your coffee with sugar then it surely will break you out, but otherwise i see no problem.
  13. yea, i started a Paleo diet (or lifestyle actually) which means not eating grains and only organic dairy-products. It's the "stonage-diet" so to say, which means that you should not eat stuff like rice, potatoes, pasta and bread because they're not a natural thing for humans to eat. i mean, humans haven't had enough time to evolve to adapt to our "agricultural diet" i.e. our bodies are not made to process such foods. I think grains also cause me to be tired and make me swollen. Since i begun thi