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  1. Hey, I used to post here and bile flow is also the one thing or the most important thing to get going in order to get healthy. I could write a couple of pages why it is so important, you probably already know. From my understanding the most underappreciated function that bile flow brings online is the elimination of heavy metals. For instance mercury elimination is largely achieved via the bile and you may know how disruptive this mercury is to our system. What helps to promote bile flow and
  2. Here is another paper on the topic titled "Elimination of persistent toxicants from the human body", contains a lot of practical advice and published in Human & Experimental Toxicology: http://het.sagepub.com/content/30/1/3.full.pdf+html http://het.sagepub.com/content/30/1/3
  3. Talk about niacin, which brand, form and dose do you use? It is also a vital part of the sauna protocol I posted above, supposedly it makes the body release fat in which the toxins are stored, but I am not quite sure. I have had good success with using the sauna, however, I have not gone for 2,5 hours or more as they are recommend in the protocol, but am aiming for that length in the future. Also I never exercised before going into the sauna.
  4. Found a fascinating document today, which includes a detox protocol that has been used with war vets, police officers and drug addicts. [Edited link out] [Edited link out] basically it is about excercise, niacin and sauna as well as polyunsaturated oil. Dr. George Yu talks in the following video about pretty much the same protocol. ____ I have looked a little deeper into it, I am a big fan of doing saunas and love charcoal (Dr. Yu is talking about it as we
  5. About 6 weeks ago I started taking 1200 to 1800 mg of NAC spread throughout the day. Results: improved energy far better skin on arms and back, less inflammation I take ACC Akut 600. I am going to cycle it. Going off NAC for the first time in the next week, let's see what happens.
  6. Correct, it is only a hypothesis. This is only because we know so little about epigenetics in general, and especially how this drug (and most other drugs) work epigenetically. I have to say that this idea is a lot more plausible to me than the idea that the drug remains in our system after many many years, continuing to do damage. The drug, like any drug, is metabolized and is gone from our body in many half-lives. Along with healthy food, I would add exercise and some stress reduction techn
  7. Some time ago I posted about ALA, still have not tried it, but believe that the chances of it working are quite high. Dr. Berkson got me looking deeper into it and he also uses low naltrexone. ALA + LDN are his main weapons against a range of diseases. Check it out: http://www.anticancer.org.uk/2011/10/q-with-dr-burt-berkson-low-dose.html
  8. Well I have heard them time and time again say it is important, but most people I have talked to take the butter oil just because WP says so and say they get the benefits from the FCLO. I eat butter from grass fed cows that is the closest to butter oil I am going to get
  9. Heard of naltrexone before, I always wonder in how far you can take it long-term. I have been taking unflavored fermented CLO by blue ice for about two weeks and my skin has improved significantly, definitely recommend trying it, but this stuff is expensive. I don't take butter oil and don't plan on buying it, never really heard anybody say that butter oil makes a big difference and CLO is already expensive enough. I would assume it is the Vit A in the CLO that does the magic, therefore I am
  10. The CLO is working so well for me it is amazing, I hit the jackpot again. I had been wanting to buy it for years. What I am asking myself is what is causing the amazing results? Is it the iodine, the D2, the Omega 3, the Vit A??? I have supplemented omega 3 before, it works, but the effects are to small for my budget to be constantly supplementing omega 3s. I have supplemented Iodine recently, but only sporadically. Has anyone been able to find out how much iodine is approximately in
  11. As the CLO is working so good I looked deeper into the potential mechanisms. The fermented CLO seems to be a good source of Vit K2. On wikipedia it says: Given that I have digestive issues and have used antibiotics I may have killed off some of the bacteria that were supposed to supply me with adequate amounts of K2. Natto is a very good source, maybe the cheapest source to increase the K2 uptake. Has anybody on here tried Natto? I know Joseph could not take it. The only Natto
  12. Finally got my Blue Ice fermented non-flavored CLO. Been taking it for only 4 days and it looks like my skin is already improving, I can't believe it. I don't take butter oil with, too expensive for now.
  13. Well, Ok then I take that back. The sauna must have been to hot for, as I said before I have read time and time again that if you have a toxic laden body you got to stick to low temperatures of around 60 degrees celcius. If you have trouble getting used to going to the sauna make also make sure that you lie down while staying in the sauna, so that your whole body is exposed to the same temperature. My eyes also become bloodshot, but it has lessened over time considerably. With me the blodsho
  14. I know there are considerable differences between the sweating caused by exercise and sauna, but none of you guys has tried it hardcore like I have, but everybody is like be careful.