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  1. hello guys, I'm starting this topic again because it's actually very pertinent to understand the common symptoms between people treated with 5ar inhibitors and the so called :"Post Finasteride Syndrom"

    I was in my life 4 times treated with Accutane here in Europe (Roaccutane as it is name here). Each cycle last about 9 to 12 months. Now, I have 42 years old and I have very law SHBG levels and accordingly an absence of libido.

    I went to visit an Endocrinologist who gave me my precise levels of hormones. I train hard everyday at the Gym and did sport my entire life and I don't drink nor smoke. Despite all that efforts and my decent Testosterone Levels, I seem to just lack SHBG don't matter how. Since I remember while I was treater with Accutane I had a f*** hight libido, I investigated the possible side effect of this drug. Hence, I started to understand that like many of you I have the so called "Post Finasteride Syndrom". lost of libido and abscence of natural spontaneous of nocturnal erections. Among other things of course..  I will now try to treat myself with Poviron in order to see whether this might be of a help. FYI, I have never messed up with Steroids or PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) before. I will do this just to understand whether this could possibly increase my Libido. Also, I know what is the dosage to be used and that Proviron will not damage my liver (unlike Accutane).