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  1. Day 70 10 weeks completed. Just as I thought things were beginning to look up, I had another breakout. The new spots have been smaller, but it is still frustrating to be getting new spots this far along. I have had a little trouble adjusting from 40mg to 60mg. I did not have this problem when I went from 20mg to 40mg. I have been extremely dry under my nose, where some days it seems like I'm putting moisturizer on every hour. I hope significant improvements begin soon. I know many people
  2. Day 63 9 weeks completed. 4 weeks and 20mg, 4 weeks at 40mg, and 1 week at 60mg. I have been on 60mg for the last week and the area around my mouth and under my nose has been extremely dry. I'm not overly dry on any other parts of my face. The occurrence of new spots has slowed down a bit, but I'm still getting a few new spots each week. The problem I'm continuing to have is that the marks left from brakout a couple weeks ago seem to be taking forever to fade. If I didn't have those marks
  3. Day 58 I have now completed 8 weeks. I went to the derm two days ago and she was pleased with my progress. My dose was bumped up to 60mg per day. I responded well to 40mg so I hope I have similar luck with 60mg. I had a slight breakout last week that is now healing. I also had one spot pop up below my lip that had been under my skin for the past week. I have some marks left from last week's breakout, but other than that new spots have not been coming up as frequently. My face has begun t
  4. Day 49 I can't believe it has been 7 weeks. My face broke out a little last week, but it is beginning to heal. It was strange, because I went nearly a week without any new major spots. I was hoping I was past the breakout stage, but I guess I have a little longer. I hope that over the next month the breakouts begin to significantly slow down. During the past week my face has become more dry around the corners of my mouth and under my nose. I'm not sure if it is because I have been outside
  5. Day 42 I have now competed 6 weeks. 4 weeks at 20mg per day and 2 weeks at 40mg per day. This past week has been one of the best weeks I've had in a long time with respect to my face. My face is becoming less oily, which is why I believe the breakouts have slowed down. I hope this trend continues and my face becomes even less oily in the upcoming weeks. The only side effect I've experienced is dry lips, but vaseline has helped keep it managebale.
  6. Day 35 I made a mistake yesterday in that today is my 7th day on 40mg. One of the spots by nose is much bigger. It is weird because the majority of my face is smoother and looks better except for the two large spots near my nose. There is not a big bump, but there is a pretty large red spot. If these two spots would go away I could honestly say that my face looks better than when I began accutane. I hope it gets better soon, because I'm tired of dealing with this.
  7. Day 34 This is my 5th day on 40mg. It seems like since I started 40mg my face has broken out more. I have had two large spots come up in the last couple days and it seems like it is taking forever for older one to go away completely. Both spots are near my nose so they are very easily noticeable. My face is slightly less oily, but I was hoping it would be less oily at this stage of the game. Almost 5 weeks done. I hope I begin to see more improvement in the next couple weeks.
  8. Day 31 Today is my third day on 40mg. I'm continuing to break out. It seems like I'm getting at least one new spot each day. Today I got quite a big one next to my nose. Also, I have a few left over marks from my breakout a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping that the 40mg will do the trick. I still haven't noticed a significant reduction in oil. My derm thought that during this month my face should become less oily. Well, I'm 20% done with this course. I hope the next few months go by quickl
  9. Day 29 I went to the derm today for my one month checkup. My blood work was perfect so that was good news. I'm still continuing to break out and my face is still oily. My dosage has been bumped from 20mg per day to 40mg per day. Hopefully I will begin to see a reduction in oil soon while not experiencing new breakouts. I can't believe one month is over. Time as gone by rather quickly.
  10. I'm not sure if my derm is going to keep me at the 20mg per day level the entire time. I have an appointment next week so I'll see what her plans are for me.
  11. Day 23 Still no noticeable decrease in oil production. I'm still getting new spots every day. The spots have been somewhat smaller than before I started accutane, but they seem to still stick around for ever. I was hoping that I would have seem more improvement at this stage. I go in for my bloodwork in a couple days. I wonder if the derm will increase my dosage next month to 30mg or 40mg per day.
  12. Day 17 Things are not getting any better. I have three decent size spots right now and usually I'll only have one big spot at a time. One of the spots is on the side of my mouth and it is swollen. I still have not noticed any decrease in oil. Another thing is my scalp is not nearly as dry as it was a week ago and my lips are not nearly as dry as they were a week ago. I'm only using chap stick a couple times a day and my lips are not pealing. It seems weird that I'm not more dry than I cur
  13. Day 14 I am really getting tired of dealing with this. I have broken out quite a bit over the last couple days, but I'm seeing absolutely no decrease in oil. My only side effect continues to be dry lips, but there not even that bad. When is the oil going to decrease? I've been dealing with oily skin and acne for nearly half of my life and I just want it to go away. It is really beginning to take a toll on my life and my family.
  14. Day 13 I'm just getting tired of this. My face is still as oily as when I began. I want the oil to decrease soon. I know that this is the main cause of my acne and until I get this under control I'm going to continue to break out. I think my dosage is going to have to be bumped to 40mg next month.
  15. Day 10 Still getting new spots on my cheeks and a couple of whiteheads on my chin. My lips are very dry, but my skin is still as oily as before I started. I wish that my skin would begin to dry out. I know that my problem is caused by how oily my skin is.