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  1. LMAO! O face, classic. Well it's a true ending, I'm sure people can relate to it, but Brett's there for support so it's a hopeful ending.
  2. QUICK NOTES ---------------- 1) I've been completely clear for about a month now. Here's how I did it: I wash my face, apply Neautrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment, apply Alpha Hydrox Lotion, and finally, finish up by moisturizing with Cetaphil. I do this 3 times a day (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening) Words can't express what clear skin can do to your confidence, I hope this method or your own methods are working out for you guys! 2) It has been a pleasure writing this mini-series, and I hope
  3. Sorry for making it so short this time guys, but my work schedule has been a bit hectic recently. I'll definitely make the next one longer. Thanks for the support!
  4. Interior-ALEX’S ROOM ALEX stays quiet as BRETT continues knocking. BRETT Come on Alex, seriously, you’re making me look bad. ALEX throws himself on his bed. ALEX Dude, last night was crazy. I need to rest, come back later. MELISSA laughs. BRETT What? You said you didn’t want to go out last night because you wanted to prepare for your- BRETT chuckles. BRETT (CONT'D) Big date. BRETT bursts out laughing. BRETT (CONT'D) I’m sorry, it’s just too funny. BRETT and MELISSA laugh.
  5. Hey guys, sorry for not posting the links to the past episodes. Thanks for the support! Part 1- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Acne-Anyo...t1-t165692.html Part 2- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Acne-Anyo...t2-t165823.html
  6. Interior- Walgreens ALEX is in line, as an ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE talks to him in front of a young employee named LINDSAY and a line of customers. ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE Come here, let me get a closer look. The ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE begins to reach forward and ALEX has an expression of complete shock. LINDSAY notices this, and quickly stops the ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE. LINDSAY You know what Madge, why don’t I finish this, and you go ahead and take your lunch break. ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLO
  7. You should try Apple cider vinegar! I'm a huge skeptic, and it's working for me. All the best, Studindisguise
  8. Hey guys, thank for the support. I recently became frustarated with my condition so I decided to vent a little but then than somehow that morphed into another one of my crazy short scripts and that's how this little series was born. I've been trying ACV and it's totally working for me, so I recommend it to everyone. All the best, Studindisguise
  9. INTERIOR- WALGREENS ALEX looks around the aisles. He is lost, so he begins to look around for an employee. He spots a young, female employee named LINDSAY. ALEX Yeah, that's gonna happen. Alex then searches for another employee and spots an ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE. Perfect. ALEX (CONT'D) Excuse me, can you help me out, I am trying to find, um, Neutrogena. ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE You mean the shampoo? ALEX Not exactly, the, um, the cream. ELDERLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE The foot cream? ALEX What
  10. The mission: Go on a second date, with (suspense music goes here) 5 new pimples! Location: Alex's room - early morning Alex wakes up, as he walks to his bathroom mirror. He turns on the light, and takes a look at his own reflection. ALEX: What the f**k!! Oh, no. No, no, no! This is not happening. Not today! Alex points to his own face reflection in the mirror. ALEX: Why do you do this to me? Do you have any idea how hot Jenny is? Do you?!!! Alex searches his bathroom drawer for a tube of B
  11. Hey guys, when you get a chance, check out my mini-series: Acne, Anyone? Cheers.