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  1. I moisturize but it might be not enough I suppose. Do they get better after accutane?
  2. Hello all, I have had very weird bumps surfacing (suspected rosacea but 5/6 doctors have refuted it) and sudden oiliness as well as swollen pores appearing in the last couple of months, anyway since they were unable to name what is wrong with me (seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, hormonal, normal for age, pityrosporum follucilits, and demodex, yes I have heard it all), my derm and I have decided to go on low dose accutane for a while, at least to get the sudden oiliness under control. Anyways been
  3. Slayee

    Week 1 Accutane

    did your pores went bacak to normal later?
  4. Ok, ive got a question. If you push with your tongue ffrom under the scars can you see tiny veins, almost dots? ıf you can answer me, you will make my day