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  1. Sorry for never responding to this, but I only noticed it earlier this week! Anyway, I guess that would be the obvious thing to do, but I never thought of it. Thank you for the suggestion! I really hated the balling up and I think that was why I didn't use the SA consistently. I am sick and tired of the bleaching effect of bp. I am now going to try using that only at night (but my poor sheets hate it...), and SA in the morning. I REALLY REALLY hope Dan continues to make the SA and that
  2. Keeping up with the same routine, except I missed the last two nights. :-/ Today it seemed like the SA burned less, and for less time. Will pay closer attn the next few times to see if it really is diminishing. One big problem that I hope Dan can address as he refines this product: the SA balls up when it's on my face. Or at least I think that's what is happening. Will continue to pay attn to that, too. Other than that one small issue, I am love love loving this product! Since I started
  3. Did the same last night as described earlier in the day. The SA burned for about 10 minutes (I may have overestimated the amount of time it did that the first time.) Unfortunately I did pick last night. The stuff I picked at definitely seemed to come out of my skin more easily than normal, but this could be my imagination. Also, a few hours after I applied everything the first time, there was a raised white spot at the edge of a larger, covered spot that has been there for a couple of weeks
  4. Hi Languages - thanks for your comment. You make a good point, and so far I have read stuff that says what you say, but also that they can be used together without any "canceling" effect. I definitely want to find out how these two products work (or don't work) in combination, so I'm going to search the scientific/medical literature sometime soon. I'll definitely report back and let people know what I find. Thanks again for raising an important point.
  5. I tried the SA+ for the first time today. Washed my face (in the shower) with store-brand Cetaphil, afterward used a generous amt of Dan's BP, waited about 10 min, then used a generous (but slightly less than of the BP) of the SA+ all over my face. It smelled unpleasant, and about a half hour later I can still smell it but it's more faint now. It's something I am willing to put up with if it helps me reduce blackheads/whiteheads. It stung like a mofo for a while after I applied it - for at l
  6. I rec'd the SA today and am eager to see how it works. Background: I have used Dan's BP for around 2 years, and his moisturizer for almost as long. Ideally I use both of these twice/day, though sometimes only in the morning or (very rarely) none at all. In the mornings I wash with store brand Cetaphil (Meijer, to be specific), then use BP (a lot!) followed by a 5-10 minute wait, then the moisturizer (again, a lot). At night, I wash either with the same generic Cetaphil or, if my skin is doin
  7. I use the QH Mint Julep masque too, and I really, really love it. But I can't tell you how it compares to others, bc it's the only one I've ever used. When I first used it, I left it on for the amount of time in the directions (10-15 min?), but now I usually leave it on overnight. I have really oily skin, but if yours is dry I wouldn't do this bc the masque is really drying (probably why I love it...). I usually do it about once/week, sometimes a little more or less. Also agree that it's gr
  8. I had my first ever facial today, and the aesthetician did some extractions, but not as many as I hoped she'd do (none on the sides of my nose, which I didn't understand). I don't even know most of what she did during the facial (an "acne facial"), because she didn't explain. There was steam involved at the beginning, then some sort of pumpkin muck, and toward the end that weird microcurrent thing, etc.... I should have asked, but she was so on my case about what I'm doing wrong, and how I ne
  9. Man, that's too bad. I have the bp (pkging #1) and moisturizer (pkging #2), and looked at the photo of the #3 mock-up. I have to say I like the #1 best, the #2 second best, and the #3 least. The blue color is really soothing to me, and I liked the cross made of dots (with three white ones to signify the 3 steps of the regimen). The black/white is so stark, and not soothing at all. I have a problem with picking at my face, and when I use the stuff in the blue bottles it helps me feel calm a
  10. Anyone? I searched the message boards before asking my question, but couldn't find anything. If this has been asked previously, a link would be great.
  11. I have been using BenzaClin in the mornings for at least the past 3 years. (At night, I use tretinoin 0.01%). I am thinking of switching to Dan's BP instead, because it is cheaper (even with the shipping, it's still less than the co-pay on my prescription stuff), and I wouldn't have to worry about getting someone to write a new prescription for it when mine runs out. Has anyone else switched from BenzaClin to CSRgel? What has your experience been? My main concern is going from 5% down to 2.