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  1. Big m84, thanks for the reply, wow thats good to hear, hope it continues to go well for you!
  2. Hello, I am a basically a month into 20mg a day, still getting the occasional big spot. Main concern is post acne red marks. How do I get these to fade?!
  3. Hi, thank you, any recommendations on which moisturisers?
  4. I have been on Epiduo and Doxycyline 100MG a day for 8 weeks now and still have received no improvement. My face gets new inflamed pustules every day, which I usually dab with neutrogena on the spot treatment. My daily routine is as follows:- - Morning wash with cetaphil cleanser, lukewarm water - Cetaphil moisturising cream - Evening wash with cetaphil cleanser - Pea size application to each affected area (jaw and mouth) - wait 20 minutes, Moisturise with Cetaphil cream Has anyone got a
  5. 8 Weeks in

    8 Weeks in and still no progress, help?! I apply a pea size amount every evening, but am still getting new white pustules every day