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  1. Hey, what about accutane? I think that before giving up you should consider taking It, It is very effective and It works like a miracle for many many people. Speak to your derm about It, It might be the solution for your problem. I'm on accutane and It is Working, only one more month for my course to be over and my skin looks SO much better than It used to. It took several months for my skin to look this nice but now that It does I definitely think that It was all worth It. Good luck
  2. well , It´s like I said , some people see good results on the 1st month and others only on the 5th month or so... this treatment works differently on everyone , there is no way to know if you´re going to clear up in 3 weeks , 3 months or 5 months ... you just have to be strong because It can be very hard sometimes . Don´t drink alcohol (or if you really want to , drink only a small amount ...drinking too much can be heavy on your liver so be careful), moisturize your skin , keep your lips hydrat
  3. Hey there ! good luck on your accutane journey ... I´m on my 8th month now and It was only around the end of the 6th month that I really started to notice dramatic results . This is not meant to discourage you , though ... I have a friend who is on accutane too and she is 4 months into It and her face is already clear , so ... yeah , accutane works differently on everyone , some see good results as early as a month , others see It around the 3rd month and others don´t see results until later on
  4. Hey ! So , I just wanted to say that so far my skin looks pretty much the same as it did on november 30 . My forehead is still clear , my cheeks are looking better , etc . The problem is : I am still breaking out a bit .... ok , It´s not the same as before but still ... For example , I´ve been having some pimples on my nose (a place where I usually don´t break out) , they are red but not painful and they usually go away after like 2 days, but it really annoys me. yesterday I noticed one (this
  5. Well, hello guys. Update: my skin is getting more and more clear each day... This is awesome, I haven't had a pimple in my forehead for more than a month, my cheeks are less red and they are smooth, my red marks are also starting to fade. I only noticed today that my skin really is looking better and for the first time since I've started accutane I was able to say "wow, my face is actually looking good". Now, don't get me wrong, I still get a pimple here and there sometimes and I still have
  6. Hey there, my next derm appointment is in february . I do try to stay positive but sometimes It´s just too much
  7. hey ! So, I´m on my six month and well , I thought that finally my skin was getting better but now I am not so sure about that ... I was clear for like 3 weeks but now I´m breaking out again , my left cheek has 3 pimples right now , my right cheek has one ... honestly , my cheeks are a disgrace , they look so so bad . This situation makes me really sad because I had finally started to feel happy about my skin and I actually believed this was it , the moment I had been waiting for ... guess I
  8. Well yeah, they look like that but I think some of them are turning into zits (?) I don't even know anymore Oh, I've just noticed that some of them have turned black and now look like blackheads
  9. Hey guys! So, I've noticed some weird stuff on my face. It's basically lots of tiny whiteheads ( I don't know if this is their correct name but they are White so yeah), they look like blackheads but they are white. Well, what bothers me is that I think some of them are turning into red and noticeable zits, some of them small and a little red and others bigger and more noticeable. A small part of them become loose and they easily come off without leaving any mark or redness but the majority ge
  10. Well, I think I spoke too soon... I just got two pimples on my forehead, one yesterday and another one today... Maybe they're because of the increased dose? I also got a pimple above my lip, near my nose that is in the spot of where I used to have like a little White pimple ... I don't know what they're called but yeah, It was like a little bump but no redness, no pus, and no pain... I think It needed to come to an head and It did when I increased the dose... Well, right cheek is recovering s
  11. Hey guys ! thanks for all the replies I just began my 5th month on accutane and I´ve also been on 30 mg for a week now. So, I don´t see much difference from last week and I had no big breakout either (I honestly thought it would be a lot worse)... just a couple more pimples (5 or 6) but they are not very big or red. My forehead is totally clear and It´s been like that for more than two weeks now, which is awesome , but my cheeks are still looking awful , lots of red marks and pimples . My
  12. Hey , I have been on accutane for almost 5 months now and let me tell you that the third month was my worst month EVER ... I was breaking out so bad , my forehead would be clear and on the next day I would wake up with 3 or more big angry pimples and just when I thought I was ok my skin would remind me that I was not . Just like you my skin got a lot better on the first month , It was not oily anymore and It was clearing up ... of course that only lasted about a month because on my second month
  13. Hey! So, today I had my derm appointment and here's how It went: she took a look at my skin and asked me If my face broke out badly in the first month and I said no, that It actually got a lot better and she explained that sometimes people have their initial breakout later on the course and that's what is happening to me right now. She increased my dose to 30 mg to see how I react to It... I really like her, you can tell she cares about the well being of her patients. Well, she told me to com
  14. Hey guys I really need to vent today... I feel like crap. This morning I woke up with a big pimple in my right cheek after having none for more than two weeks in that area . Well, I promised myself I wouldn't freak out If I got a pimple but today, as I was getting ready for school, I failed and cried like a baby, I wanted It to stop but I couldn't, the tears kept falling and I just sat in my bed crying and feeling disappointed with myself , even though I did nothing wrong. So, today when
  15. Thank you for being so supportive, I really appreciate that Well, I´m still on 20mg a day . I have an appointment on September 28th , I hope my dermatologist increases my dose ... I think It would help a lot more.
  16. Ok, update : I'm on my 4th month now and well, let me tell you that I don't know how to feel, honestly... My forehead is almost clear but I still get some pimples from time to time (I got a pimple yesterday after not having any for a week), my right cheek is looking a lot better and I haven't had any pimple for almost two weeks.. My left cheek is still looking really bad and what's bothering me the most is a cyst that doesn't hurt or anything but is Red and noticeable and has been there for alm
  17. Hey there! I'm so sorry you're going through this... you don't deserve what's happening to you, nobody does, It's just cruel and rude to act like your family is doing, I'm sorry but It seems as if they just don't care about what you feel, It seems like they like to put you through pain and that is not what a family should be doing at all. Talk to them, tell your family that you think what they're doing is cruel and that you don't feel loved or happy, tell them that you already feel disappointed
  18. Oh boy, how I understand you... diet also affects my acne so it doesn't really matter if I always eat healthy, it takes one day of eating pizza and ice cream and my face gets two (or more) new angry friends ... It sucks because I know people who are always stuffing their faces with food like pizza and burgers and NEVER get one little pimple. You know what's so crazy ? last summer my skin was clear, I had like one single pimple from time to time but nothing as bad as It is this summer...well, a
  19. Yeah, don't worry, people won't care anymore in a few weeks, I find that to be True because there's a girl in my school that has a lot of acne and people were like "omg, her skin..." at first but then it was just normal and now no one really cares. How old are you?
  20. It's good that your diet doesn't affect your acne, mine does and It sucks... But yeah, good luck with your accutane Journey
  21. Hey! It's me again. Relax, It's normal to break out terribly at month one... Some people keep breaking out until 3, 4 or even five months into the treatment... Doesn't mean It's not Working, It is just taking longer than usual. I know It's hard but try not to think about It too much, spend more time with good people, people who encourage you and do not care if your skin is full of acne. Remember to take your medication with a fatty meal and to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle- this means, t
  22. I´m so sorry you are going through some bad moments ... I know what you´re feeling and so do thousands and thousands of other people with acne. I know this doesn't really help but I just want to let you know that eventually the acne will go away and if you don´t enjoy life now one day you will look back and regret not doing all the things that you wanted to do but didn't because of acne. Please, go out and enjoy life...I´m also trying to and even though sometimes it´s hard I know that if I surro
  23. Hey there ! I know how hard it is I´m on the same boat as you except I´m almost on my 4th month of accutane. I´m still breaking out and starting school soon and I feel like crap ... so yeah , I know how you feel . My advice is that you don´t put anything on your face , your skin is already sensitive because of the medication and any little thing can cause it to become irritated and worse than It is now. My dermatologist told me to only put moisturizer and sunscreen on my face , nothing else
  24. Hey there! Look , if your mom told you that your face looks better than It must be true... I don´t think that sleeping 4 hours for a week will cause any significant harm to your skin but don´t do this often okay ?
  25. Hey! how are you? Look, a lot of people say that BP aggravates and prolongs their red marks so maybe It is in fact aggravating yours. Do you wear sunscreen everytime you go out and reapply it several times a day ? this is very important since the BP can cause your skin to be much more sun sensitive and if not protected your marks can darken (even if you were not using BP applying sunscreen would be very important, of course). Also, do you pick at your skin ? if you do then STOP immediately.