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  1. My regime was more or less a big success – my plan was always to have flawless skin for my wedding and I did it. Throughout the past 8 months, I have been having really good compliments with how flawless my skin looked (of course, there are pimples here and there occasionally but that didn’t bother me at all). I wasn’t even wearing any make up for 8 months and people all thought I was wearing make up! I was particularly in heaven. My regimen: Morning: BP 5% on the entire face Night: Neostrata
  2. My skin was all cleared in around November (yes I'm such a horrible blogger. I stopped writing when my skin was at its best stage). Not sure what happened - perhaps I was slowly using smaller amount of bp? My skin is breaking out again recently. My chin and mouth area is the most problematic area. There are about 5 whiteheads (that kinda turned into pimples after my facialist tried to pop them). So yup, my skin is horrible right now. I kinda regret going to my facialist for help. So anyways,
  3. Oh man, I hate that too... I am still avoiding bright lights and huge mirrors, especially the ones at shopping malls or cosmetic stores. They enlarge my flaws and pores and thus lower my self esteem. I guess I would rather live in a lie not knowing the truth if I could escape from the ugly truth.
  4. Thank you and you too.. I think the toughest part about acne is not physical appearance but the emotions and stress that we experienced. And I agree with you, it's very comforting and soothing knowing that I am not alone to fight this battle. Having said that, good luck with your regimen!
  5. I went to the spa yesterday and the facialist took out almost all of my whiteheads for me. My face was swollen and red. It's getting a little bit better today but you could still see the red marks lingering on my face. Anyways, it's almost 3 months into the regimen. I think there are some improvements, more or less, from the first month. But again, I am expecting a little bit more progress. My face is still quite oily I think. It gets better, but far from ideal. I know this is a long battle and
  6. I have been using bp along with my regimen. But thanks for your advice!
  7. After struggling with acne in the past million years, I am actually feeling a bit numb. I went out with a friend yesterday and I haven't seen him for a while. The first thing he said to me was, what happened to you? what's with the acne? I know he was saying it casually and it was probably a nonchalant comment, but to me, it felt like someone just slapped me hard. But surprisingly enough, it didn't totally destroy me. I still went out with him and tried to maintain a positive mindset. The thing
  8. Thanks for your kind words. It has been a tough week for me. But I'll try to stay positive?
  9. Waking up every morning noticing 2 pimples, cystic or not, is not a fun activity. I'm thinking if this is "the initial break out"? Still trying to stay optimistic though. I just went out with a friend for a nice dinner. I did not and will not let acne control my life. I don't wanna avoid social gatherings because of my skin anymore. I had a great time and that's all it matters.
  10. I think it's mild as well. Not sure if you should go on accutane because I don't see any active acne. You could, however, look into some scarring treatments. Good luck!
  11. I haven't had time to update my progress in the past few weeks. Life was hectic with a combination of work and social gatherings. I am actually glad that I have been occupied with work. I had less time to think about my acne problem and I actually had more time to enjoy life. But my skin is still horrible I think. So anyways here's my progress so far: My face is generally drier with the combination of things that I have been using. I stopped B5 for almost a week because I am still waiting for
  12. Okay. I got sick and tired of my skin. It is JUST A LITTLE BIT less oily after taking B5 for almost 2 months. But it stops there. I don't mind having oil on my face as long as I am acne-free but that's not the case. I am breaking out with whiteheads on my cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. Okay, that sounds like almost everywhere on my face. Aside from those, I have around 4 persistent cystic acne on my forehead and brow area. They are not going away. Anyways, so after (almost) using AHA a
  13. Almost two months and I'm breaking out. There are sooooo many whiteheads on my face right now it's not even funny. On average, I'm getting 2 new inflamed pimples a day. They are mostly from the whiteheads. I'm not sure if my regimen is working or not. Sigh.