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  1. hi Angi. thanks for your reply. That information is still true. And the nuvaring has the same problem. so basically if your on antibiotics b.c. won't work. i can't believe i did not know about this. it seems like this should be common knowledge. and if my gynecologist prescribed it to me when i was on bactrim i'm sure that can happen to other people as well. and if you get pregnant when you're on b.c. that can be really bad. this is so scarey im just glad i did some research on it before
  2. I talked to the nurse at my Dr's office and all antibiotics apparently can decrease the effectiveness of all birth control pills. That really sucks. She is going to find out if the same is true for the nuvaring I really hope that at least will work. I would hate to go off bactrim. How do people on antibiotics do birth control? This is very surprising to me. I am surprised I have not heard of this before since antibiotics and birth control are often both taken by people with acne.
  3. I have been taking Bactrim for quite awhile now and that or my metformin has cleared my acne I'm not sure which. My doctor just the other day put me on birth control(loestrin) (not for acne) and already I am breaking out. I'm not really that concerned about the breakout yet it's not very seriuos but I was wondering if anyone knows if these medicines are not supposed to be taken together. I should just call my dr but she is always super busy and I think she might have forgotten I am on bactrim
  4. Hi...I had severe scarring on my right cheek primarily and I have had five fraxels done starting last september. I have seen great improvement in my scars. They are not perfect, they are much smoother and in most lighting they look Sooo much better. I am going back for a sixth one the third week of February and I will ask my doc for the pictures so I can scan them and post them here because it might encourage people to get fraxel done. She is recommending one more after my treatment at the e
  5. manfal, I completely understand where you are coming from and agree with what you say. It's so sad people think bashing christianity is perfectly normal in our society today...I wonder if you had directed this comment to Jewish people or Muslims if you would have gotten such negative responses from people. I have been praying for my acne and scars to be healed for several years and it finally was cured but I am working on my scars now. I really believe prayer is powerful and can influence th
  6. I had the same experience as scarcrash. I used to be a vegan and only drank soy products and rice milk and stuff and had horrible horrible acne for the three years I was vegan. Now I am not vegan but I have no acne because of my pills I take. I think for some people that might work, but not everyone is the same.
  7. I debated for awhile whether to get Portrait or Fraxel done. My doctor who did my PDL treatments only had the portrait laser and really wanted to do that on me...but when I researched it I found out that fraxel laser penetrates deeper in your skin so it is better for scarring then portrait. Portrait is better for surface damage like wrinkles from what I understood. Plus if you get the one time PSR treatment it's basically like getting Co2 and costs as much. Fraxel is nice because you can ma
  8. It does make me depressed also that people act like nothing works completely. My skin is not completely healed but if it ever does get to that point I'll definitely come back to the forum and post what worked for me. I wonder if many people who have gotten completely fixed from the treatments don't come back to the website because they don't care anymore since they have nothing to worry about. Fraxel so far is having a good effect on my skin. I had tons of hyperpigmentation which is gone an
  9. I'm so glad that is working for you-that is great news. I guess I will add my experience to the list. I had 12 photodynamic treatments over the course of a little over a year-same exact procedure as you. I had 8 first and then stopped breaking out but then a couple months later I started breaking out again so I had four more. The breakouts continued until I went to the gynecologist who said I have PCOS so she prescribed me metformin. (I have adverse reactions to birth control) Around the same
  10. I've read a lot of posts that say to drink lemon juice in water. I personally can not do this plain but if you add splenda or equal or another artificial sweetener it's just like lemonade. I guess some people do not like artificial sweeteners though. I would not recommend sugar....but if you are against splenda and equal for health conscious reasons you can try stevia. I'm lucky because my father makes me two quarts of lemonade a day and it is sooo good. I don't even notice the artificial s
  11. Hi- I just finished my fifth fraxel treatment for the full face although almost all of my scars are on one cheek. The procedures were 5,000 altogether and I'm not ready to pay that much for full face again when almost all my scars are in this one spot. Does anyone know any good doctors who just do partial face treatments and do not charge for full face treatments? I am hoping to get more fraxel done, but at a much higher level, and at a cheaper price. My doc for the past five went up to 8 as
  12. over 10% of the sex workers in the whole country of Thailand have HIV. It goes up when you consider cities like Bangkok. Seeing prostitutes is a great way to get HIV or other stds. Condoms when used properly are not 100% protection. I agree with Melodie there are superficial girls that only care about what you look like and you can easily find some of these in bars and clubs but there are plenty of other girls that don't consider it a problem if you have acne and/or acne scars. Plenty of them.
  13. today i was told i had too many scars to do tca cross and a tca peel would be more practical. I am getting fraxels done now and was wondering if tca peel works for scarring? has anyone tried this for deep icepick scars? also has anyone else not been able to do tca cross because of this? okay thanks
  14. I went to Aesthetician school and I heard about hydroquinone being used to lighten hyperpigmentation but some instructors were concerned it was not safe. Has anyone had good results using products with hydroquinone?