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  1. While, yes my acne and scarring bothers me, I decided not to let it take away from what I wanted to do in life. I've had acne for 8 years and I was able to complete my college education, have a long-term relationship, acquire a job in the medical field, become promoted to manager, and take better care of myself. When I first developed acne and it became severe it was a hit to my confidence, but I realized it couldn't prevent me from doing what I wanted. The big picture of what I am trying to
  2. Currently, I use an airbrush machine to apply my makeup. I use Obagi Clenziderm Daily Care Foaming Cleanser. This is my favorite cleanser because it melts the makeup right off and keeps my skin clean. It also contains 2% salicylic acid to help treat any existing acne.
  3. I have been using CeraVe moisturizer for about a month now and have noticed my facial dryness has been greatly reduced. It also does not break me out. It has been the only moisturizer that has even kept my face flake free for the day.
  4. Hello, I purchased the regular psoria-gold and the ultra to try and reduce the redness and bumps from my rosacea. I started by only using it once a day for the first month then twice a day the second month. I felt that it actually made my face redder, dried it out, and I also broke out more. I felt that I wasted my money on the product and it made my skin worse. Possibly it may work for others, but it did not work for me.
  5. I was on accutane about 2 years ago in 2010. Accutane definitely cleared my acne, but I get facial itching and what appears to be "hive like red bumps" that sometimes go away during the day or last for a few days. I was diagnosed with both acne and rosacea by a dermatologist. I am thinking about going back to the dermatologist to see if he knows what they are or what is causing these bumps to happen. If I didn't get them multiple times throughout the week my skin would be clear.
  6. Hey, You actually only wear it on the scarred areas of your skin. It is for both males and females. I do not feel it when it is on. Like I said in another post, you do not know you are even wearing it. It is NOT mask-like. I can't even tell in daylight that it is on and either can anyone else that is close up to my face. In another post I mentioned that I wore it infront of my younger brother who would just love to point out anything on my face. He did NOT notice it at all and we were in daylig
  7. Hey Tricia, I am actually on accutane now and my skin is very dry and slightly red. The dermal filler does not make it dryer or give me any irritation. This is actually not like a makeup per say. It is not greasy or can be smeared once it has dried. I don't even feel it when it is on. I place a very thin little layer on and then once it is dry it stays that way. It's more like a soft layer of fake skin that looks real. Earlier I mentioned that I wore it in daylight and my brother, who is not a
  8. Hello, I just wanted to comment on the Daphne Dermal Filler. I had posted on this product under the makeup board after looking for makeup to cover up a scar on my face. The scar I have is a cm long and about 1/2 a cm wide. The main issue is that the area is indented. Let me tell you that this scar bothers me so much and is quite deep that when I apply makeup it does nothing for my scar because most makeup sinks into the scar and makes it look like I am trying hard to cover it (lol which I am).
  9. Hey, I was trying to find something to fill in the pitted scars as well and found this system created by a hollywood makeup artist. It is supposed to fill in scarring, wrinkles, and uneven texture. It is called daphne dermal filler. Just google it for more information. It's like a skin colored makeup the you smooth over the scar. Also I was watching a video on their facebook site of this woman doing a demo with the system who had a large indented scar on her jaw-cheek region. It actually looke
  10. I had an excision last august of 08. At first it was really indented (i was soooo upset). Over the past year it has smoothed out. I'd say it should be completely flat with my skin by this august, which would be exactly one year. If I put a little makeup on it then no one would know it was there.
  11. Hello NuYuo, It has been over a month since I have had the erbium. I did not take any before pictures, but will be having erbium again in about 2 weeks. I will be taking pictures of it now and then after this second laser treatment. Last time I was posting I had a scab that had fallen off and seemed to leave me with a pitted scar. That ended up starting to fill up. My skin is getting smoother and the scar is filling in more and more. I still have a bit of pinkness in the area, but the doctor sa
  12. I actually use the estee lauder maximum cover as well. I think my color is vanilla. I like the fact that it stays in place once you put it on. Although I use it as a concealer, and not a foundation. A little goes a long way.
  13. Thanks! I was feeling worried about it the past day. It's day 3 now and I have a new scab. Hopefully the area heals well. I ordered active manuka honey which is supposed to be good for healing scars and skin conditions. It should be comming in on tuesday this week. I will report back.
  14. Well it's day 2 since erbium yag on my 1 cm long pitted scar and I had been applying vaseline and covering the area with a bandaid. The redness around the scab has faded to a light pink. I feel that in a week my skin around the scab will be nice and back to normal. The scab ended up sticking to my bandaid when I removed it today and it pulled it off. I was so upset because it was not ready to come off. The area under the scab was indented and began to bleed and I guess it's forming a new scab. u
  15. Yeah I will definantly update and let you know how it's going. The little grey/ brown mark has lightened. I have been keeping a bandaid on it all day and putting vaseline on it. I'm gonna take pictures tomorrow.