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  1. Don't get your hopes up. I'm just saying this to not keep you in an illusion. It was at its worst when I was 17, then it got better and then I had an absolutely atrocious outbreak when I was in my late 18s/early 19s, then it COMPLETELY disappeared for 4 months? maybe less and then it came back again. Hope for the best, but don't expect anything.
  2. I've had redness induced by seborrheic dermatitis since I was 14, it's on both sides of my nose. The flakes are gone, but the redness REFUSES to disappear. No matter what I do and the doctor refuses to give me creams against the redness, saying it will go away by itself, which is not happening for the year and a half I've been seeing him for. However, I recently noticed a lot of tiiny veins in the same area as where I have the sd, are those curable with some creams or whatever? Worth seeing the
  3. I don't know if I would consider myself to still be someone with acne. I guess I went from moderate/severe acne to small monthly outbreaks usually consisting of 2 zits at a time which seem to become fewer as time passes. My face has cleared up a lot but it's still healing, some redness is still going away.. Looking back, I have no idea if people actually really thought I was any less attractive with pimples on my face. Or if they reaaally noticed any. There was a time when people noticed and th
  4. I've been off it, I thought I was cured because it was gone for a long time.
  5. Oh good Christ. Four zits? Two whiteheads near my lips and two superficial.. things near my nose/cheek. This is ridiculous. God. Why can't they stay gone after having been acneless for so long?
  6. I've had mine for over a year now. I would say it's about time that they leave. Heh. I think I may dislike them more than zits.
  7. Looks like it's gone. I washed my face this morning and the white head's gone. I just splashed some water over it and just carefully dried it off. It's gone. That's like.. an 8 hour zit. A red spot is started to turn into a little zit, though. But again, it's tiny. Damn red spots. I can't help but feel like red marks are basically.. hibernating zits or something, even if they're not.
  8. Too much exposure to sunrays is bad for your skin and speeds up the aging process of your skin. Sure, the sun burns zits, but lots of sunlight also stimulates the production of sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands, when too much of it is produced, it can clog up said sebaceous glands and thus.. you guessed it, cause acne. That and it can cause some nasty pigment spots if you have acne. So be very, very careful.