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  1. I use also reccomend Olay, It works well and I keep buying it =) It's good for day time anyways
  2. I got mine from London Drugs about 5$ for 100 pills i think..
  3. I had to put my bling on!! http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee147/6...anuary08076.jpg
  4. i trim my like 1/2 inch of about twice a year... Im trying to grow my hair to my knees!!
  5. I started my vegetarian lifestyle on July 1st 2007, I hope to continue this way for many years to come. The thought of eating meat now just sickens me. I eat eggs maybe once a week, no milk and I love cheese so I cant give that up I just wish I knew people in real life that are vegans or vegetarians, because I feel kind of lonely My dad laughs at me and calls me stupid. I have to cook for myself... I like sharing food and cooking for people. I wish my bf was vegetarian with me, but atleast he
  6. i love your dp pic haha, i read how u did it but forgot what thread it was in, anyway, well done!!!!

  7. 1. Jojoba Oil (It's so good for everything!! lip chap, antifrizz for the hair, moisturizer for the face, cuticle cream!!) 2. Tweezers 3. Concealer 4. Powder 5. Mascara
  8. Yea the side effects sound not worth it. I like my blue eyes!! Id rather wear mascara or get false eyelashes!!
  9. Tattoos heal in one month... Just make sure you moisturize them a couple times a week when you go on accutane. It should be alright.
  10. id give it to paris hilton, and this chris girl that totally hates my guts!!
  11. Aw, I wouldn't worry about it. If you like her aswell ...go for it. If it doesnt work out, move on
  12. The worst was when I was chillin in my friends basement at a party and they had a black light... and back then i worse really crappy foundation and I had dry and pimply skin... and someone was like omg ur face is cracking ... cuzz the black light made my makeup like stick out and you could see all the streaks and dry patches!! I just about died. The best would probly be "wow your skin looks so smooth"