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  1. Hi! I'm still on this diet and no new acne has formed on my face. I got two small ones because it's "that time of the month", but they are almost gone now. The red marks has faded a lot! I have used ACV every day, but I tried something new a few days ago. I put ACV on my face and then cut a garlic clove in two and rub it on my face. It stings a little! Then I put honey on my face and leave it on for 30 minutes. I wash it off with lukewarm water and then finish with cold water. My skin is so sof
  2. yeah, I should probably stop drinking coffee as well, but I like having a cup with friends. Maybe I should only drink coffee when I'm visiting someone, lol! Is it bad to drink many cups of green tea a day? Or should I only drink 3-4 cups? I've also noticed that I sleep better at night. It's probably because I'm drinking less coffee though.
  3. Hi! I'm a 25 year old woman. I started to get acne in September last year and it has been bad at times. I could not figure out why I was getting them. I started weight lifting in January this year and I ate lots of chicken, meat and eggs to get protein. I also drank lots of coffee like I always have. In July I started to feel very tired during the days and suddenly my face "exploded" with lots of acne. It was so bad. My face was very oily and red and I could not understand why. The acne also to