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  1. I started to eat broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic and onion every day at the same time I started to eat coconut oil. My blackheads cleared up and people started to comment that my skin was glowing. I gained some weight after a while so now I only eat 3 tablespoons a day. My skin still looks great. I hope you try the coconut oil for at least a month! You can also apply it on the skin. Sometimes I apply it before I go to bed and my skin looks amazing the next day!
  2. Yes, extra virgin. I had closed comedones on my forehead and lots of blackheads on my nose and chin.
  3. Have you tried coconut oil? I got rid of clogged pores by eating two tablespoons of coconut oil to every meal (6 tablespoons every day).
  4. how did you do your liver cleanse

  5. I used to have 4 hens a couple of years ago. We built a beautiful chicken coop for them and I let them out in the garden every day. They would spend most of the time digging for "treats", lol! The eggs we got from those hens were huge! And delicious!!
  6. I've read people use lemons or lime instead of grapefruit. You can probably try orange juice. I think the important thing is that you get the olive oil down.
  7. I think you just have to find out what is best for your body. I cured my acne by cutting out meat from my diet. I eat mostly vegetables and fruit. I use lots of real butter and olive oil when cooking meals. I don't eat much pasta but will sometimes add it to a salad. I eat 3-4 meals a day and have no problems with this diet. My acne is gone.
  8. I would be able to help my kids get rid of the acne I passed on to them. I'm an acne expert!
  9. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and got acne after starting to eat meat again. I had no idea that meat was the reason. You can see my progress pics in my gallery. Took me 2 years to figure it out! I'm clear now and back to being a vegetarian. You should start to eat more dairy and fat! If that doesn't change anything, try to eat meat again. Maybe a vegetarian diet isn't doing your body any good.
  10. monica82

    From Paleo to Vegetarian

    All I had to do was stop eating meat.
  11. When I tried the alkaline diet my acne cleared up immediately. But I did it more than 4 days.
  12. I got inspired by the "eat more meat" threads here and added more meat to my diet. The result was lots of big and deep cystic acne on my cheeks that would not go away. My pores were huge and my skin was red. Now that I've stopped eating meat, my skin is clear and and my skin tone is nice and even. I believe that some people are supposed to eat meat and some aren't!
  13. I think you can add me as well. I've pics here and also in my photo album here. I've had success with the alkaline diet and liver cleanses, but now I know they worked because I ate less meat while doing them. The acne would always return and my cheeks would be full of them. Now that I've become a vegetarian again, my acne has healed and my skin tone is looking very good! My skin is smooth with only red marks left after the bad acne I used to have. I never suspected meat to be the reason, but no