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  1. 2 minutes of cleansing & exfoliating?!!!20 seconds of cleansing?!!!Uh....i just can't bring myself to do that,its hard to explain why but...it just makes me feel uneasy if i did,i'd feel like i haven't cleaned my face properly and i'd be itching to go wash it again for the rest of the day...Um...how about just cleansing for 2 minutes and add another 2 for exfoliating then?Should be okay right...?
  2. I have a pretty bad habit of overcleansing my face,i don't mean that by cleansing 3 times a day or more,its the regular twice per day routine but im a little bit of a perfectionist so i tend to spend around 5-6 minutes just applying my cleanser to make sure i have every spot covered and extra clean.When im exfoliating my face it takes another 5-6 minutes.I was wondering if someone could tell me how severe this habit of mine is...uh....i hope im not too paranoid...
  3. Is it quite okay to apply toner and moisturizer over a freshly extracted blackhead spot?Its not big so it isn't releasing too much 'goo',or whatever you call it.I don't have alot of blackheads but they do show up sometimes and if that happens,I hope i can just extract it after cleansing my face without any extra medications,wipe toners on,moisturize and proceed with the day.If its bad,please do tell.