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  1. You might try dusting lightly with a powder blush or bronzer all over.
  2. Veggie girl sells this stuff. I bought it from her and have been using it as a finishing powder. Sui, are you saying it is helpful for hyperpigmentation? I can see how it would help conceal pores and absorb oil, but I had not idea is would help with pigmentation.
  3. Redfawn, No Worries. Everything you described is normal.
  4. In a New York Minute. Using a clean needle, gently prick the very top of the white (pus) part and use a clean hot/warm wash cloth on the spot. Very gently allow all the pus to drain then apply a dab of bp. IMO.
  5. Do a search on "Apeel Correct" you can purchase it on ebay. I've used it with good flaking and tightening results. I had to use it differently than the suggested directions. I left it on overnight and used it several nights in a row to get a good flake but I have tough skin. Good Luck!
  6. Crash, the numbing shot(s) is the worst part as far as pain. You will feel the pull with the sutures but other than that nothing. You will have little sutures for approx a week and after that--you should be a happy camper. Best wishes If you are like me, you will wonder why you didn't do this a long time ago.
  7. bive, I would suggest starting with excision for the deeper scars. Allow time for them to heal and then see what needs to be done after that. Are your only scars on your right cheek? Good Luck!-
  8. Dublin, what kind of scars are you trying to treat with Obagi? I don't think you are going to get results with indentions unless they are very superficial. I used Obagi for a few months. It is good for skin tone, hyperpigmentation and maybe texture. Keep your check book handy. Best Wishes
  9. I think your best bet for reducing icepick scars on the nose would be TCA CROSS. You will have to treat multiple times allowing at least four weeks between treatments. I would also be interested if anyone has better suggestions. My doc says you can't excise scars on the nose and I have seen people post here that their doc tried it and it made the scar much worse. I doubt you could needle a nose scar. What's left? CO2 laser?
  10. Ashtonx5, I had excision of pitted scars and was very happy with the results. I haven't heard of anyone getting excision of rolling scars. I remember Capshaw posting he/she had "incision" of rolling scars and had really good resuts. I'm not sure what the difference is. I also have the loose skin problem, gravity has not been kind to me. I'm hoping for a lifted face in the new year, then maybe some sulptra. Good Luck on your excisions!
  11. trieditall


    Speaking as a parent--She may just be trying to help you avoid mistakes. Also, parents say stupid things too; not necessarily wanting to make you feel bad. And some people are mean. Is she mean otherwise? Have you said to your Mom, "That really makes me feel bad when you say that."? Does your mom support your efforts to clear your skin? Ask for her support if not. Tell her you are just trying to look your best. Good Luck!
  12. IMO Cooltouch is a ripoff. I had three full face treatments with NO results. Save yourself a lot of trouble and pain and just flush that $ down the toilet. Also, some people have reported fat loss from it.
  13. slp, There is a subforum below the scar forum dedicated entirely to Red Marks Left After Acne. For rolling scars, you might search: needling, fraxel, smoothbeam, saline injections, fillers or rolling scars. This reading should keep you busy for about six months. Good Luck!
  14. I too am indebted to Accutane. I was so happy when my derm let me take it. I took it in 1991 and that is the only thing that got my acne under control--finally. I did have the initial horrible breakout but I stuck with it cause I was so hopeful. I had to stop wearing soft contacts, use Blistex lip balm like crazy and get the monthly blood test. Other than that, it was a lifesaver for me. Now, my son is 16 and struggling with DAMN acne. I feel so bad for him. He has used Differin and Benz
  15. , Desprate people sometimes do desperate things. The chances of you getting infection from debris (sandpaper is going to leave a lot of grit) and bacteria might cause scars much worse than you have now. It is not a reasonable gamble. Make a plan to treat your scars in a safe way and get going. There are many options. I think sometimes several treatments are necessary over an extended period of time. What kind of scars are you dealing with? Have you researched your options?