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  1. soxyroxy

    Ortho Week 7

    From the album: Heather's face

    I've completed 6 weeks of ortho. Heres a pic of me with my new whiter teeth. I'll be trying to get them brighter within the next month. I'm wanting to derma roll next week but I have a lot of little bumps on my forehead. Can someone tell me why my face is always red? I haven't used anything on it in a few weeks except witch hazel and moisturizer.
  2. From the album: Heather's face

    Right before I took the week three pic I had done a yogurt and banana face mask. I didn't know it at the time, but my skin was about to peel. It got red and then felt swollen like a sunburn. I peeled for over a week. My skin is looking pretty good now, though. The texture is much better. I will do this mask again, but first I am going to wait about a month and do some derma rolling on my scars.
  3. From the album: Heather's face

    I am starting my second pack of Ortho. Last month I did the Lo that I got as a sample. Now my regular Ortho Tri Cyclen is in and I started the first pill yesterday. My skin started clearing up a few days ago and is pretty smooth. I usually have a lot of tiny bumps under the skin and scabby feeling skin flakes. Most of this has diminished at this point. I still have some red marks from the breakout I had last week.
  4. From the album: Heather's face

    I am finishing up week three of my Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. This is the first step of my year long makeover. Last time I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen it cleared up my skin pretty well. So far this time it is making it a pretty nasty. Hopefully this is as bad as it will get, because I'm not sure if I can tolerate anything worse. Note the terrible texture of my skin. I'm going to try lactic acid and a derma roller to improve the texture and the scars. I'm also open to suggestions.
  5. From the album: Heather's face

    I'm doing a makeover on myself this year. This is a before photo.
  6. From the album: Heather's face

    My skin doesn't really look this good. I just like this pic.
  7. From the album: Heather's face

    I'm just posting this because it was a good pic. For the sake of all honesty, I did photoshop it a little.
  8. From the album: Heather's face

    I think my skin responded to the salicylic acid with increased oil production, and then it got very dry and flaky all over. I stopped using it for a couple of weeks and now I am using it on my forehead and chin every few days. I'm having a very good week, my skin is looking pretty good.
  9. Thank you Too bad you are allergic. I am allergic to BP. It gives me big red swollen frog eyes. It is really gross. I got my peel from skinlaboratory.com. I noticed they have a lactic acid one too.
  10. soxyroxy

    Without Makeup

    From the album: Heather's face

    Here I am with no makeup on. I am doing a 20% Salicylic Acid peel for 5-10 minutes every other day and using a pea sized amount of Kiehls brightening mask every day as a moisturizer.
  11. I noticed too that since battling acne I can tend to scrutinize my skin. I was looking closely at the faces of a group of people I was with last night, and almost everyone has some sort of discoloration or other issues. No one is up in our face looking for every little mark so we might try to stop doing that to ourselves.
  12. I did a 20% salicylic acid peel 4 times this week. The first time I put it on, it was really tingly and uncomfortable. It felt like severely dry skin x 10. I left it on for about 2 minutes. The next day I did it again and it wasn't as bad, I left it on for close to 10 minutes. A couple of days later I left it on for 20 minutes and didn't feel much. The day after that I left it on for an hour or two and barely felt anything. This is a gentler peel. My skin did not actually peel but it did
  13. You said you'd tried peels before? Had you tried a salicylic acid peel? That's what I'm using now and it is really working for me. I love it. I have recorded my progress in my gallery. Now that my skin is clear I can see a lot of mild scarring so I'll have to do something about that. I'm thinking about doing something like maybe lactic acid. Has it helped your scarring? This is a pic of me today. I have done the salicylic peel 4 times.
  14. Have you tried a salicylic acid peel? I too tried everything and am finally having luck with this. I am using 20%. I posted results to my gallery just now, so they should be up as soon as they are approved. I thought salicylic acid didn't work for me because I had tried a bunch of products with this ingredient, but the peel has a much higher percentage.
  15. I did that and it didn't work for me. It was kind of depressing. I do think my skin got worse. I haven't had any luck with dietary except being careful not to get greasy food on my face.
  16. From the album: Heather's face

    I did a Salicylic Acid Peel 4 times this week. Made my skin a little dry, but I didn't actually peel. It cleared me up completely except for 1 pimple that is was too close to my eye for the peel. I am still using the Kiehls mask, but much less than I was using initally. I am using a pea sized amount all over my face after I shower. It is not making my face greasy and is doing an excellent job of moisturizing my post-peel skin. Note the improvement over my last chin pic.
  17. From the album: Heather's face

    I did a 20% Salicylic acid peel Friday night, Saturday morning, Monday night and Tuesday night. The first time I left it on for 2 minutes, then 5-10 minutes, then 20-30 minutes, then 1-2 hours. The last time the peel did leave my skin a little red, but that went away by morning. My face is completely clear except for 1 tiny pimple near my eye. Everything you see are red marks.
  18. Right now I am using Kiehls brightening mask and it is really helping with redness and dryness. You can see some pics on my gallery. I've always loved Almay lasting for the coverage and staying power, but mineral makeup should work nicely if you moisturize enough.
  19. soxyroxy


    From the album: Heather's face

    The background pic is me in two months ago. The pic in the corner is me today. This is not an optical illusion. I'll post an update so you can see if it stays clear.
  20. From the album: Heather's face

    My forehead has never looked better.
  21. From the album: Heather's face

    No makeup here. I am really loving the mask. It is doing a great job on my redness. The only red spots I have are my active acne.
  22. From the album: Heather's face

    I tend to break out like this once or twice a month. The Kiehls is doing a great job at reducing the redness and flaking. I am picking like crazy and I need to stop. I am starting up the vinegar pills again as I never really gave them a good try.
  23. From the album: Heather's face

    I am using the mask every night and leaving it on until morning. I have been picking my face for the last two nights and the mask has done a great job at reducing redness.